Always look good in photos – ‘very simple’ tip

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While many love having their photograph taken, others cringe when it comes to being in front of the camera. Feminine empowerment influencer Anna Bey took to YouTube to share how women can look great in a photo no matter what.

Anna shared how women can always look slim and when their photograph is being taken.

Some poses are more flattering than others, and the wrong pose can damage your chances of getting a good photo.

A photo opportunity might take you off guard, and while you can’t quickly go home and change, you can absolutely change your pose.

Anna’s first tip works for whatever outfit you may be wearing, but works particularly if the subject of the photo is kitted out in something baggy.

She stated: “Say you are at a wedding and by accident, you realise that, ‘Oh no, I’m wearing this really bulky dress that is widening my appearance in pictures’.

“The good news is, you don’t have to go home and change. There’s a little trick that I want to teach you. The trick is very simple.”

Anna explained that the key is all in the hand placement, to creating an appropriate cinching of the material.

She told women: “Just place your hand at your waist, push out your hip a bit.”

This way you are “defining your waist area”, by bringing in the bulky material at one side.

Rather than looking shapeless, this one-second tip will give you instant definition and curves.

It will also make you look “slimmer”, according to the expert. Anna revealed that for extra definition, you can do the same with the other hand.

A hand on each hip may even work to create the illusion of an hourglass figure – or emphasise yours if you have one already.

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The result is a “beautiful silhouette” rather than a more boxy, unflattering shape.

If the hands on hips is a go-to photo pose for you, Anna suggested that you can occasionally change it up with some different arm positions.

Her next tip is for when you are standing next to another person but at an angle.

She told women: “A common mistake that people do is they press their upper arm against their body.”

The result is that the arm looks “really thick” in the photo – even if it is not in reality.

So what should women do instead during photos to ensure they look their best?

Anna advised not to press your arm down but to hold it outwards from yourself a little, “even if it doesn’t feel natural”.

She also told photo subjects to avoid putting their hands in their pockets at all costs, instead hovering them just over them for a more “flattering” look.

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