Aussie cleaning queen reveals hack to clean your toaster and kettle

Cleaning queen reveals her ‘genius’ trick to deep clean the toaster and kettle in seconds: ‘It’s so easy you can do it while dinner is cooking’

  • A mum of two has shared a genius hack to deep clean your toaster and kettle 
  • Chantel Mila, also known as Mama Mila shared her brilliant tips to TikTok
  • The mum uses a hairdryer to clean her toaster and lemon slices for her kettle
  • ‘It’s so easy, you can do it while dinner is cooking,’ the busy mum said

Mum and cleaning sensation Chantel Mila – aka Mama Mila – has shared a video of her ‘genius’ hack to deep clean the toaster and kettle in a matter of seconds.

The Melbourne-based mum-of-two uses household staples to get her kitchen appliances sparkling in seconds: a hairdryer and lemon.

Chantel uses a hairdryer to blow the crumbs from her unplugged toaster, then empties and washes the tray.

To deep clean her kettle she boils lemon slices inside which removes the limescale and leaves the kettle ‘shining’.

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Chantel Mila (pictured) shared her genius hack to deep clean a kettle and a toaster

The Melbourne mum of two uses a hairdryer to blow the crumbs from her toaster, then empties and washes her toaster tray. To deep clean her kettle she boils lemon slices in her kettle, which she explains removes the limescale

Australia’s most popular ‘cleaning queen’ shared a step-by-step of her cleaning hack method.

The cleaning sensation has a massive online following, her video has already amassed over 53,000 views.

Her fan base, many of who are also passionate about cleaning, were grateful for the useful video.

So easy, you can do it while dinner is cooking 🥘 When was the last time you cleaned your kettle and toaster? #cleaninghacks #cleanhome #hometips #kitchenhacks #homesweethome

Chantel is known as Australia’s ‘cleaning queen’ and has been an internet sensation for her cleaning content for over two years

Clothes whitening hack

  • Previously, Chantel shared how to make whites look like new with a simple trick
  •  The mum places the whites in a bucket then tops with warm water, a quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, one cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dishwasher soap 
  • The clothes are left to soak and then washed as normal

Oven cleaning hack 

  • She also shared an amazing oven cleaning hack
  • Mix a cup of baking soda with a quarter of a cup of dishwashing liquid and a dash of water
  • Apply the solution to the stove top or oven using a paintbrush
  • The longer the solution is left before wiping it away, the cleaner the appliance will be 

Previously the mum revealed three super easy hacks which can have your home smelling amazing in minutes.

The 32-year-old mother of two said the best thing about the tricks is they begin to work instantly and have your home smelling fresher in no time.

The first trick can have any home smelling like your favourite cafe – and all you need is a candle, a heatproof bowl and some coffee beans.

‘Place coffee grounds or beans in a heatproof bowl with a tea light. The warmth of the candle will heat up the coffee and your whole house will smell incredible,’ she said – before warning not to leave the candle unattended.

The second trick is perfect for the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas.

‘Clean your sink with baking soda on a lemon to rid rust spots, cut through dirt,’ she said.

One of the tips involves lighting a candle in a bed of coffee beans 

The video demonstration revealed how the baking soda topped lemon made the sink shine in seconds.

The third has takes thirty minutes to take effect but is a gamechanger, according to the star.

‘Place 10 drops essential oil into 1/2 cup baking soda. Sprinkle on carpets, leave for an hour and vacuum to remove carpet odours. 

She uses baking soda on a lemon for the second trick – this is used to clean sinks leaving them sparkling and odour free

How to clean your bathroom perfectly  

1. Clean wall tiles with a flat microfibre mop! It helps reach high areas and cleans them quickly and easily

2. Make bathroom sinks shine by soaking them with two denture tablets before cleaning

3. Remove smells around your toilet by mopping with shaving cream

4. Make your showers sparkle with a mix of 1 cup water, 1/4 cup white vinegar and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Spray, wait 10 minutes and rinse

5. Clean bathtub rings easily with a sliced lemon and baking soda. Simply rub to remove rings quickly!

‘Check your vacuum manual to check if you vacuum can be used with fine particles,’ she said.

Chantel uses an old vacuum for the hack and says she has ‘never had an issue’. 

The post was liked by more than 20,000 of her fans in the first 24 hours with many leaving comments thanking her for the ‘amazing’ tips.

 ‘Just did the mattress today with baking soda and oils. It made the whole room smell so fresh,’ one woman wrote on the video.

‘That coffee hack is next level,’ one woman applauded.

Chantel started posting cleaning videos during the Victorian capital’s first lockdown with an online audience of just 14 people. 

‘The home was not only a workplace, but also a daycare, an art studio, a school and at the end of the day it was so hard to find downtime in that cluttered space so I started sharing home tips and tricks to create little pockets of oasis around the home,’ she said.

‘One of the first cleaning videos I posted which was incredibly popular was ‘How to make your bed smell like a dream for the best night’s sleep’. I posted it around May 2020 and couldn’t believe the millions of people who saw it, tried it and loved it.’ the 

In the third video she uses some essential oils in baking powder to deodorise soft furnishings 

Secrets of a cleaning queen: How Mama Mila keeps her house running smoothly every week  


I love making my own DIY cleaning products and often the DIY’s use simple, household ingredients that are found in any pantry! My top cleaning products include baking soda, white vinegar, lemons, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil. 


1. Denture tablets are a top secret cleaning agent. They can whiten your toilets, whiten clothes, whiten bathroom sinks – they’re amazing!

2. Putting on your favourite song while cleaning is a simple way to make cleaning fun. I ask my Amazon Echo Show 15 to put on my 10 minute ‘cleaning playlist’ and try to make cleaning as enjoyable process. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get done!

3. Red wine spills can be quickly removed with soda water. It’s the best way to lift it from your carpet or clothing without staining.


Between work and family commitments, our weeks can be a constant juggle. Our Amazon Echo Show 15 has been an absolute game changer at our house, and helps us stay organised during the week. 

We’ve customised our screen to display our shopping lists, to-do lists so I can see what’s on for the day while drinking my morning tea and the family calendar helps us keep on top of the kid’s activities, school key dates, our appointments and business meetings. 

Chantel’s views went into the millions and follower count climbed into the hundreds of thousands as she shared more of her home and cleaning hacks and before long she was able to make a lucrative career out on social media. 

Nowadays, the cleaning and organisation guru enlists the help of her fans to keep the home tips and tricks coming. 

‘Many of the videos I post are requests from the audience, and I really listen to what they want to see next to make sure I’m always providing helpful and relevant tips and tricks,’ she said.      

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