Baby goat has super long ears that are, let's be real, completely ridiculous

Look, we need to prepare you for something before you meet Simba, the baby goat. We don’t want you to laugh and make her feel embarrassed.

Simba has super long ears.

No, longer than you’re imagining.

We’re talking ears that are so long, Simba could trip over them. So long you could tie them in a bow. So long you could picture Simba taking flight, Dumbo style.

Simba’s ears measure 46cm long, which, frankly, makes her look a bit silly.

They dangle down on either side of her sweet little face, and wiggle in the wind.

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Simba is a Nubian, a goat breed known for its long ears that serve an important purpose: helping to keep the body cool in hot weather.

But even by Nubian standards, Simba’s ears are lengthy – so much so, she’s won a World Record. We guess she’s really equipped for the heatwave.

That’s handy, as over in Karachi, Pakistan, where the baby goat lives, it’s currently 32°C.

Perhaps she could learn to swivel them around at great speed, as a sort of natural fan device?

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to gaze at photos of Simba and marvel at her danglers.

When it comes to ear length, we guess she really is the GOAT.

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