Chocolate really does make middle-aged women happier, study suggests | The Sun

CHOCOLATE really does make middle-aged women happier, a study suggests.

Having it every day for eight weeks was found to reduce feelings of negativity, depression and anxiety.

Antioxidant flavanols in cocoa beans may prevent cell damage, which disrupts hormones and brain signals, the researchers say.

Flavanols are most concentrated in the darker varieties of cocoa that is used to make chocolate.

In the study, 60 healthy women aged between 40 and 60 were given either a chocolate drink or one which tasted the same but contained no cocoa.

After two months, the cocoa drinkers scored better on a mood scale.

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They also said their friendliness and energy was boosted.

Researcher Professor Masakazu Terauchi said: “Our results suggest in middle-aged women, cacao extract reduces depression, fatigue and anxiety and improves positive mood.

“Cacao flavanols may be a useful food that can improve middle-aged women’s mood.”

The study, by Tokyo Medical and Dental University, was paid for by a Japanese chocolate brand.

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