Curvy babe celebrates hot girl fall by flaunting bod in slinky bikini

A woman flaunted her curves in sexy swimwear at the beach to show that all bodies are bikini bodies.

Ariella Nyssa is a body positive influencer who's known for sharing self-love advice with her over 740,000 Instagram followers.

She recently made a big impression as she exposed her bod in a very teeny bikini.

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The beauty was pictured wearing a blue and orange two-piece set that was both bold and super small.

As she rested on a towel, she showed what her natural, unposed body looks like in all its curvy glory – and people think she looks amazing.

Looking tanned, radiant and confident, Ariella proudly showed off her natural tummy as she smiled for the camera.

It looked as though the content creator had recently been for a dip as her hair was wet, and she had very little make-up on.

She looked the definition of beach babe as she relaxed on the sand and smiled for the camera.

Ariella also popped some sunglasses on to soak up the last moments of summer, and she told her followers she was having one of her "favourite kind of days".

Since she shared the pictures more than 9,100 people have liked them, and several of her fans commented too.

People told her they "loved the colour combo" and thought she looked amazing in the bikini.

One person said: "Hot girl fall."

Another wrote: "Wow – so gorgeous."

A third commented: "Attractive belly button."

Meanwhile, a fourth replied: "Super hot."

Recently the beach babe opened up about how she's not afraid to flaunt her cellulite in bikinis.

She choses to embrace her "imperfections" as she thinks these parts of herself are "beautiful".

Writing on Instagram at the time, Ariella said: "Cellulite is normal. Majority of us have these beautiful lines.

"Most people see them as something we have to get rid of. Not ME. In fact, I see them as one of the most beautiful parts of the human body.

"Beautiful artworks that show us where we have been. Our beautiful journeys here on earth and within our bodies.

"Your cellulite is so unique to YOU and that to me is so beautiful. Literally one of a kind!"

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