Deborah James breaks down in tears revealing she’s closer to her siblings than ever in final days

A TEARFUL Deborah James has told how she and her siblings are closer than ever in the final days of her battle with bowel cancer.

The inspirational campaigner, who last month revealed she was receiving end-of-life care, broke down as she described the "mind-blowingly" close relationship she shares with her brother and sister.

The 40-year-old – presented with a damehood by Prince William when he cleared his diary to visit her parents’ home – thanked Ben and Sarah for being her guiding light during her darkest time.

"It’s been the best our relationships have ever been," she said, her voice cracking as she held back tears.

Dame Debs and her family have been focusing on the small things as her death draws inevitably closer.

This has included quiet time with her parents and a "girly sleepover" organised by sister Sarah last week.


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"I cried and cried — it was so ­special," she said.

"We roped my brother Ben in, too. I love the ­picture of the three of us together.

"We’ve always been really close, but the last few weeks have been mind-blowing.

"It’s interesting, at the end of your life, who you want around you."

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As well as her siblings, Deborah has found her mum and dad to be "amazing", and also her husband Seb and children Hugo, 14, and Eloise, 12.

But it is Ben and Sarah who have been by her side whenever she needs them.

Debs, who has raised a staggering £6.6million for charity, said: "My parents have been amazing, Seb and the kids too.

"But, oh my God, my sister and brother . . . I couldn’t be doing this without them.

"It makes me so emotional, I’m going to cry. They are incredible.

"We started our lives together and now, in my final days, they are here with me, they get me.

"They are probably two of the only people I haven’t told to ‘f*** off’ this week.

"I can’t really describe how they are getting me through this."

It makes me so emotional, I’m going to cry. They are incredible.

Deborah's honest account of having bowel cancer has touched the hearts of the nation – and the Royal Family.

She said she was "lost for words" after the Duke of Cambridge personally visited her home to personally present her with her Damehood – as well smashing her original fundraising target of £250,000.

In just five days, thousands of people donated more than £5.5m to the 40-year-old's Bowelbabe fund for Cancer Research UK.

And this has shot up to £6.6m in the weeks since.

Deborah launched the JustGiving page, urging people to buy her a drink, on May 9 when she revealed she was on hospice care at her parent's house in Surrey.

She said her body was "no longer playing ball" after medics did all they could to treat her stage four disease.

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Now, the campaigner is trying to make every moment matter.

She has had a rose named after her, launched a fashion collection, had her very own Lego mini-me delivered to her and raised millions of pounds.

TO DONATE to BowelBabe Fund visit

The signs of bowel cancer you need to know – remember BOWEL

  1. B:Bleeding

There are several possible causes of bleeding from your bottom, of blood in your poo.

Bright red blood could come from swollen blood vessels, haemorrhoids or piles, in your back passage.

Dark red or black blood could come from your bowel or stomach.

Blood in your stools is one of the key signs of bowel cancer, so it’s important to mention it to your doctor so they can investigate.

2. O: Obvious change in loo habits

It’s important to tell your GP if you have noticed any changes in your bowel habits, that lasts three weeks or longer.

It’s especially important if you have also noticed signs of blood in your poo.

You might notice you need to go to the loo more often, you might have looser stools or feel like you’re not going enough or fully emptying your bowels.

Don’t be embarrassed, your GP will have heard a lot worse! Speak up and get it checked.

3. W: Weight loss

This is less common than the other symptoms, but an important one to be aware of. If you’ve lost weight and don’t really know why, it’s worth mentioning to your GP.

You may not feel like eating, feel sick, bloated and not hungry.

4. E: Extreme tiredness

Bowel cancer that causes bleeding can cause a lack of iron in the body – anaemia. If you develop anaemia you’re likely to feel tired and your skin might look pale.

5. L: Lump or pain

As with lots of other forms of cancer, a lump or pain can be a sign of bowel cancer.

It’s most likely you’ll notice a pain or lump in your stomach or back passage.

See your GP if it doesn’t go away, or if it affects how you eat or sleep

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