Do Jenelle and Barbara From ‘Teen Mom’ Get Along Now? – The Cheat Sheet Do Janelle and Barbara From ‘Teen Mom’ Get Along Now?

Out of all the toxic relationships seen on television through the years, one of the most damaging has to be the relationship between Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans. Since Jenelle appeared on 16 and Pregnant, things between her and her mother have been nothing short of chaotic. The two would get along one day, then be screaming at one another the next. But have things finally cooled off between this mother-daughter duo?

Jenelle and her mother have had a toxic relationship in the past. | Jenelle Evans via Instagram

Jenelle and her mother have fought since the beginning of the show’s time

When Jenelle’s episode of 16 and Pregnant premiered, the baby’s father, Andrew Lewis, was hardly in the picture. Rather than having a toxic relationship with the father, the way, sadly, most girls on the show did, Jenelle’s toxic relationship was with her mother. The two would often be screaming at one another. Jenelle, who lives with bipolar disorder, has admitted that everyone in her family deals with emotional issues, which only added to their troubled relationship.

Jenelle frequently accused Barbara of keeping her son from her

Throughout the Teen Mom series, Jenelle often accused Barbara of intentionally keeping her son, Jace, from her. The two constantly fought over Jenelle’s lack of access to her son, and it was a major bone of contention in her relationship with her mother. Jenelle lost custody of Jace when he was a young boy, and she claims in her book that her mother set her up. Barbara supposedly told Jenelle to go out with friends that night, and when Jenelle returned in the morning, Child Protective Services was at the home waiting to take Jace from her. Since Jenelle lost custody, she has frequently accused Barbara of keeping her son from her on purpose.

Barbara even teamed up with Jenelle’s ex over complaints about her daughter

Barbara has, on television, expressed her distaste for Jenelle’s current husband, David Eason. And Barbara even teamed up with Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith, on the reunion show; the two bonded over how horrible of a father they believe Eason is. (Eason was fired from the MTV show in early 2018 over discriminatory comments.) Jace has supposedly said that Eason scares him, which is why Barbara still does not want Jenelle to have full custody of her first son. Back in 2017, Jenelle and her mother went to court once more over custody of Jace, and Jenelle lost once again.

But despite all the drama, it looks like the two are on better terms now

The past several years have been extremely rocky for the mother and daughter, but recently, it appears they have started to finally squash their bad blood. Jenelle posted a photo back in September of the two getting breakfast with Jace, and captioned the photo, “Whatever makes him happy.” Fans were surprised, yet happy, to see the two getting along. Jenelle posted another photo in late November 2018 showing that she attended a yoga class with her mother. The caption was playful and read in part, “#MotherAndDaughter yoga class today! … My mom said she’s going to the Senior Citizens class instead.”

We’re unsure if the good vibes between the two will last, but it would be nice to finally see Jenelle and Barbara breaking new ground after all these years.

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