Drivers amazed as they discover ‘magic’ button that clears windscreen in seconds

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    Now that summer is ending, the evenings are getting darker and those foggy windscreens on your car will be back.

    Condensation on the inside your windscreen can be both annoying and dangerous for drivers as it limits visibility and can take time to clear – unless you know a shortcut.

    And luckily one YouTuber has shared a handy hack that motorists have been branded 'magic'.

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    YouTube user @automartkm explained that the fastest way to clear car windows is to turn on your air conditioning.

    According to The Mirror, the car lover revealed: "We just need to turn on the air conditioner and turn on the front windshield defogging switch. After a while, all the fog on the windscreen will disappear."

    In the video, @automartkm turned on his car's air conditioning system before pressing the "demist" button. This features a symbol of a curved windscreen with three arrows pointing upwards. By using the air conditioning, the damp air inside the vehicle is sucked out. It is then replaced by much drier air, which helps to clear the screen.

    If your car doesn't have air conditioning, you can still quickly clear your windscreen. Just roll down the side windows for the same effect.

    The RAC gave drivers advice to speed up de-misting the windscreen using the heater. Before setting off, use the heater to blow cold air.

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    Then, as you continue on your journey, you can gradually increase the temperature until it is comfortable. The RAC also advised motorists to use a demisting function that many new cars have.

    Having a clear windscreen means you can drive safely. It also means you avoid any fines – police can issue a fixed penalty notice of up to £2,500 and three points on their licence for motorists in a vehicle with a blocked or misted windscreen.

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