Ex-Disney star Maitland Ward says people judging her over OnlyFans are ‘jealous’

Ex-Disney actress turned porn star Maitland Ward said people who judge her for having an OnlyFans are "jealous".

The former Boy Meets World star told Factz.com anyone judging someone for the kinky app are “jealous” because they want the money and success for themselves.

She says women on the platform are “building their futures” and achieving dreams through the site.

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Talking about the issue, Maitland, who joined the porn industry back in 2019, said: "I totally think it's empowerment.

"If women want to do OnlyFans, it is empowerment.

"If a guy says they don't find someone marriage material because of it… are we back in the 1950s?"

The 46-year-old US star also said selling sexy snaps and videos on the site also shouldn’t affect someone’s ability to parent later in life as you're 'not bringing sex work home – you’re just making a living'.

When asked if she thinks porn should ever expire online and “disappear,” Maitland laughed and said she didn’t ever want hers to disappear.

The comments come after Maitland also hit headlines this week for saying that The Oscars need a porn category.

She claims The Oscars is losing viewers and interest because judges voting on which film wins an Oscar are "too old" and "out of touch".


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