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TK MAXX is known for its bargain designer clothes and vast collection of items – but do you know which products to buy and which to avoid?

From Gold Labels, to shoes, to food, to makeup, take a look at all the items we consider a hit or a miss.

If you enjoy going to TK Maxx for a shopping stroll every so often, you'll value these top tips.

Just remember, you can find your nearest store using the handy shop locator tool or you can browse online.

And keep in mind these tips will only be useful to you if you need certain products – it's only a bargain if you're after it on the day.

Always make sure to also shop around in case you find the same items cheaper elsewhere.


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Without further ado, let's get into what you should and shouldn't buy at TK Maxx.

What to buy

Items from the Gold label section

Tk Maxx stores a lot of heavily reduced designer clothes and other items in what's called the Gold Label section.

This includes brands like Chloe, Emporio Armani, Stella McCartney and Joseph.

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In this section, you might spot a few red and yellow-labelled items.

While red clearance stickers indicate a big saving, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for yellow stickers.

These indicate even bigger reductions that can go down to as little as 20p.

Last month, one savvy customer posted a yellow label deal to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK where he bagged a pair of jeans worth £130 for a smidgen of the price – just £5.

He wrote: "For those of you who don’t know! TK Maxx always have brilliant bargains in. They have ‘Modbox’ for men and women which is cheap fashion anyway.

"But they also do clearance (red stickers) which get marked down every 3 weeks until sold.

"And final clearance (yellow stickers) come twice a year – in January after Xmas. And mid August. Will keep getting marked down weekly until it sells or the end of the final clearance period where all remaining items are donated to cancer research!

"Very happy with my £5 bargain!"

You can also sign up to TK Maxx' Treasure rewards system.

It's free to use and you can win a prize of your choice for every five items you purchase from the store.

As a reply to the reduced jeans post on Facebook, one commenter wrote: "This post is so helpful! I am off to tk maxx today. But i also never knew what my treasure card was for as i never get any vouchers or anything, so now i know!"

Another said: "In December I won my money back from them from a single shop, was very happy as got around £65 back, defo worth having xx"

You can sign up for the scheme here.


It's practically shoes-galore at TK Maxx – with lucky designer treasures hidden amongst the stock.

One lucky customer found a fancy pair of Moschino sliders on sale for just £29.99 – £70 less than its usual price.

She also posted her deal to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where other shoppers were just as excited.

One posted: "Got these in black – two styles with box in store. They are lovely"

Another enthused: "Really comfy these sliders I have them in all 3 styles colours."

And one desperate customer wrote: "Does anyone have a link, I can’t find them"

There's often a sale on the shoe section – so keep your eyes peeled.

Right now it's 60% off – a sale which you can browse online.

But if you're buying online, remember to factor in delivery costs. They might be more if you either live far away or you're ordering a larger item.


You can often find jewellery, purses, bags, hats and more at TK Maxx for a very reasonable price.

This Dune bag, for instance, is down from £68 to £28 – that's a massive £37 you're saving.

Accessories are also often sold in the clearance section – rock-bottom prices of up to 96% reductions.

Items get moved here if they haven’t been snapped up after four to six weeks, and quickly get purchased by bargain hunters.

Games and toys

Another one that normally hits the clearance section is games and toys – you can get board games as cheap as £3, like this shopper posted to social media.

It's also important to check in stores with this one – many items are cheaper in stores than they are online.

For example, one shopper found a toy for £59.99 in store when it was over £100 online.

You can search for your nearest TK Maxx here.

What to avoid

Although we praise a lot of things from TK Maxx, there are a couple products you shouldn't go near.


There's a lot of controversy around the food and drink sold at the tills.

Many have complained that the items – like sweets, chocolate and other snacks – sold are out of date.

One ex-worker told The Liverpool Echo: "I've lost count of the amount of times I've found out of date food and drinks that customers have already bought, started eating and drinking and complained that it tastes funny.

"So, make sure you check the dates."

Other than possible quality issues, you can often find the food they stock cheaper elsewhere.

For example, this packet of Nerds from TK Maxx costs £3.99, but a similar one from Sainsbury's costs just £2.50.


Makeup and skincare products should approached with caution if you're buying from TK Maxx.

The same ex-worker told The Echo: "The makeup or cosmetics that go into clearance are usually broken or damaged or used, and usually they only knock 99p off so its worth buying the full priced one, unless its had multiple mark-downs."

Instead, you should visit Boots, Superdrug or even supermarkets which can offer you discount cards and coupons.

For example, the Superdrug Health and Beauty card grants you £1 every 100 points you earn, and you get one point ever pound that you spend.

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The card also gets you free standard deliveries for orders over £15.

You can sign up for a card here.

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