Get 30% off monthly boxes for your cat, featuring adorable toys and tasty treats

If anyone tries to tell you cats aren’t as playful as dogs, do not believe them.

Cats – particularly those who live indoors – love nothing more than chasing, jumping, and running around like lunatics. Just like dogs, they’re also suckers for rewards, whether that’s treats or merely some extra attention and cuddles.

Being spoiled is in a cat’s nature, and us humans can’t resist their appreciative purrs. So if you want to curry favour with your beloved pet, it’s worth giving MyMeow a go.

The monthly subscription service offers boxes of treats and toys right to your door, with a different theme for each delivery.

London-based brand MyMeow was created by cat parents to assuage the guilt many of us feel when we don’t have as much time as we’d like for our pets. Also, because the staff all have cats of their own, it means there are plenty of feline testers for each box’s additions.

If you sign up for a MyMeow subscription, you’ll get a monthly delivery of at least five all-natural and healthy goodies, from soft plushies to snacks from around the world.

Previous themes have included Tropicat, Purrmula Fun, and Funshine, with contents ranging from cardboard kitty race cars to imported treats loved by neko in Japan.

The boxes themselves also hide a secret extra that’ll help keep your furniture in good condition; a scratch pad that can be found at the bottom.

Got a fussy feline? If your cat doesn’t like a product, MyMeow will provide a replacement that’s better suited, and the zoomies can officially begin.

Customers who sign up now will get 30% off their first three boxes, taking the price from £26.90 per month to just £18.85.

Given buying each item separately would cost you at least £40, it’s an affordable way to buy your cat’s love.

View subscriptions and sign up to MyMeow here.

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