‘Get rid of dark eye circles’ in less than 3 minutes with Trinny’s tip

Trinny’s This Morning make-up masterclass

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Whether they’re from stress, or a sleepless night, dealing with dark circles under the eyes can be a difficult task, and it’s tempting to apply as much makeup as possible to hide the darkness. According to beauty and fashion expert Trinny Woodall, the secret to covering up dark circles with makeup is, “giving a little colour to your face so they diminish”.

Trinny, who has her own makeup brand Trinny London, appeared on This Morning last week to help a new mother.

Charlene struggles with dark under-eye circles and asked Trinny to help her make her eyes look brighter.

She explained: “I have dark circles, I have a six-month-old baby and I don’t have time to do my makeup.”

Trinny asked: “Did you used to do makeup [before having a baby]? How long did it take in the morning?” Charlene answered: “Yes, about 20 minutes.”

The makeup expert said: “The mission today is to teach you how to do makeup in three minutes, and get rid of those dark circles that are worrying you.”

Trinny looked at Charlene’s face and said: “I think you notice your dark circles more because you’re not wearing any makeup, so it’s not about covering them, it’s about giving a little colour in your face so they diminish anyway.”

Trinny started with a concealer: “I’m matching your skin tone, and tapping concealer – starting in the inner corner and sweeping out and making sure the texture of the concealer is creamy enough it’s not going to cake.

“I want to use my fingers to tap it in, not using a brush yet as I want the oil of my fingers to work at blending it in.

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“Then I’m going to take just a tinted serum over your skin. I’m going to use one pump as I don’t want much coverage as your skin, is frankly, really gorgeous.

“With my fingers, I’m going to apply it as if it’s a moisturiser. Make sure you go all around the hairline, and don’t forget your neck.

“Now blank canvas, that took us how long? 40 seconds,” Trinny added.

In terms of the rest of the face, she said: “I’m going to use three shades to do your whole face, and they’re all very similar, and I’m going to use them all together in places.

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“So [for the] eyes [I’m going to use a] beautiful shade of dark rose gold,” she explained this is a really complimentary colour “when you have a cool brown eye and black hair, and a caramel skin tone”.

Trinny tapped the eye shadow onto Charlene’s eyelid and blended it out – “nothing too messy, [we’re] not trying to do a smokey eye”.

“Then I’m going to take Sherin, this is a lovely lip-to-cheek shade, very good for caramel skin tones and brown eyes,” she added.

“I’m going to place it in the centre of your cheek where your nose and pupil meet, and I’m going to blend that colour outwards, and put a tiny bit on your lip too.

“And then I’m going to go with my favourite, what I call ‘all over polish yourself up with one pot’, and this is what you can take with you to touch up.

“I’m going to start with it on your cheek to give you this beautiful gleam, not like you’re in highlighter hell, but you’re in bouncy cheek heaven.

“And then I’m going to take it and put it on your lip – it will bring out your natural lip pigment. And then I’m going to put the last little wash on your eye.”

Trinny completed the makeup in under three minutes, and Charlene looked in the mirror and remarked: “Oh wow! I really like it. I love the eyes, I would’ve never chosen that colour.”

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