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AS WE head into autumn and get back into our routines after the summer, we’re all wanting to get off to the best start.

And Tesco understands that now, more than ever, you want to make better choices for your family at the right prices.

That’s why Tesco has created Better Baskets.

With value at its heart, Better Baskets helps us all feel better about the food we buy, the meals we make and the packaging we use.

It’s an easy way to help fill your basket with better choices, at great prices, every time you shop. 

Look out for the Better Baskets logo in store on things like:

  • Foods that are high in fibre
  • Plant-based options 
  • Low and no-alcohol drinks
  • Snacks and treats that are under 100 calories 
  • Products with packaging that is reusable, reduced or recyclable.  

Better choices don’t have to cost more 

Tesco doesn’t think you should spend more on better choices, so there are lots of products in Better Baskets at Everyday Low Prices, Aldi Price Match or Clubcard prices.

Better choices for your family  

We all want to look after our family’s diet, and Tesco is helping to make it easier.

For Tesco, helping customers shop a better basket has also meant removing 50 billion calories from its products and it plans to remove 50 billion more by 2025.

Tesco is also helping us get more fruit and veg into our diets. Last year, we bought 90 million portions more than the year before!

Better Baskets now and in the future  

Better Baskets isn’t just about the food we buy either – it’s also about the impact we have on the environment.

Tesco is busy making sure we can feel that we are doing our bit when shopping in store.

Tesco is working closely with its partner WWF to halve the environmental impact of our shopping baskets – both in the food we eat and the way it’s packaged.  

Tesco has already removed 1.7 billion pieces of plastic, with the help of suppliers, as part of its strategy to remove where it can, reduce where it can’t remove, reuse more and recycle what’s left.  

Tesco is committed to being the easiest place to shop for better choices – and it is progressing plans to remove volume-led promotions on products that are high in fat, sugar and salt from October 2022. 

Look out for the Better Baskets logo next time you shop, and Tesco will help you spend less on making better choices. 

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Available in the majority of larger stores. Clubcard/app required. Deli Kitchen 6 Carb Lite Wraps 300g: Clubcard Price, £0.37/100g, regular price, £0.58/100g, ends 19/09. Jaffa Clementine or Sweet Easy Peeler 600g: Clubcard Price £2.50/kg, regular price £3.34/kg, ends 12/09. Tesco Drained Tuna Steak in Spring Water 110g: Clubcard Price, £0.91/100g, regular price, £1.14/100g, ends 04/10. Tesco Chantenay Carrots 500g: Clubcard Price, £1.50/kg, regular price, £2/kg, ends 18/09. Rosedene Farms Apples 6 pack: Clubcard Price, £0.69 per 6 pack, regular price, £0.95 per 6 pack, ends 18/09. Tesco Baby Spinach 250g: Clubcard Price, £0.28/100g, regular price, £0.40/100g, ends 18/09. Birds Eye Garden Peas 1.2kg: Clubcard Price, £2.50/kg, regular price, £3.13/kg, ends 19/09. Yeo Valley Natural Yogurt 500g: Clubcard price, £0.25/100g, regular price, £0.35/100g, ends 27/09. Petit Filous No Added Sugar Strawberry Banana Fromage Frais 6x47g: Clubcard Price, £0.35/100g, regular price, £0.57/100g, ends 27/09. Happy Egg Co. Medium Free Range Eggs 6 Pack: Clubcard Price, £1.40 per 6 pack, regular price, £1.70 per 6 pack, ends 27/09.

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