Homeless man left looking 20 years younger after being transformed by haircut

A homeless man left viewers astonished after a kind-hearted barber's free haircut made him appear "20 years younger".

Joshua Santiago, the driving force behind the project Empowering Cuts which offers free makeover to rough sleepers in the US, met the man on the street and gave him an amazing transformation.

"Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves" he wrote in his TikTok video.

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In the clip, the man looked away from the camera with a blank stare while sitting in a chair inside Joshua's mobile salon.

His face, looking tired, was covered by an overgrown beard and a thick moustache.

Joshua could tell the man had not been washing his hair for days and was determined to give him a free haircut to freshen up.

The second half of the video showed how the homeless man looked after having his beard shaved and hair trimmed.

As the barber explained in a previous video, he follows the rule of giving his customers "exactly what they asked for" – and it worked a treat.

The man opted for a buzz cut – a popular hairstyle that requires next to no styling and is easy to maintain.

His chiselled jaw became visible thanks to the nice, clean and defined look after the shave.

And viewers were loving the man's new look, with one saying: "He looks 20 years younger!"

Another also noticed the vast difference and added: "What a difference a haircut can make."

"He ends up looking like some random character from a game, cool," a third added.

Some thanked Joshua for helping the rough sleepers to get back on track.

Asked if any people reached out to him after getting out of homelessness, Joshua replied with a praying hand emoji: "All the time!"

A second praised: "You're such a blessing to these men, I drive public transport and was recently told by a homeless man that he feels overlooked and is used to it.

"It broke my heart, so thank you for making them feel cared about and looked upon."


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