I let my husband sleep with my bridesmaid on our wedding night

I let my husband sleep with my bridesmaid on our wedding night – it doesn’t bother me but family say it’s disgusting

  • Newlyweds Katey, 26, and Dan, 25, appeared on Truly’s show Love Don’t Judge 
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A woman has revealed she allowed her husband to sleep with her bridesmaid on their wedding night and insisted it made the day more ‘fun’. 

Katey, 26, from Plymouth, married her boyfriend of six years Dan, 25, in an intimate ceremony in Torquay, Devon in September.

The couple were first introduced by mutual friends and decided to open their relationship up to others a few years ago when discussing their fantasies.  

The newlyweds appear in the latest episode of Truly’s Love Don’t Judge, which aims to shed light on unconventional relationships which are ‘thriving despite pressure from the outside world’.

In the episode, Katey explained how the pair invited one of her bridesmaids to join them in the bedroom on the night of their wedding – as she continues to explore her bisexuality. 

She said: ‘We ended up taking one of my girlfriends up to our bedroom. We had some drinks and ended up having a threesome with her and it was really fun.

‘She’s one of my best friends so it was very comfortable.’

Dan added: ‘To do it on such a special day just makes it so memorable.’ 

Elsewhere, Katey explained how her relationship with her family has been put under enormous strain after they discovered that the couple invite others into the bedroom. 

She added: ‘I think a lot of the judgement I received has been from my family. They disapproved of what I was doing and they don’t really speak to me anymore because of it.’ 

Katey says her family found their actions ‘disgusting’ and concluded that Dan was the driving force behind it. 

As such, Katey’s loved ones refused to attend the wedding and show support for the happy couple. 

As difficult as it was not to have her family present at her wedding, Katey said she was thrilled to be surrounded by people who accept her and Dan for who they are on their special day.

Pictured: Katey, 26, and Tom, 25, from Plymouth, on their wedding day in September. The couple have been together for six years

Pictured: Katey on her hen do earlier this year. Katey explained how the pair invited one of her closest friends to join them in the bedroom on the night of their wedding – as she continues to explore her bisexuality

Pictured: Katey and Dan with Kirsty and Tom, who they met while filming Channel 4’s Open House: The Big Sex Experiment

What’s more, the couple did struggle to see each other being intimate with others at first – but it is no longer an issue.

Dan added: ‘The jealousy is kind of part of it, it makes things more exciting.’ 

In the episode, the couple reconnect with Kirsty and Tom – who they first met when appearing on Channel 4’s Open House: The Great Sex Experiment earlier this year.

The pair – who met on Tinder nine years ago – have also invited others into their bedroom, including Katey and Dan.

Reflecting on their relationship, Tom said: ‘It’s just a normal friendship, like any other friendship – even though we share wives and stuff.’ 

Hitting back at critics, Tom said: ‘If you enjoy a bar of chocolate, are you just going to have one bar of chocolate your whole life and that is it?’

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