I met sons girlfriend over 16 years before he knew her – but didnt realise

A woman revealed she met her son's girlfriend over 16 years before he even knew her.

It really is a small world in Andrea Gabryelski Peterson's case. The mum discovered she was quite familiar with her lad's partner Samantha Schweitzer, 19, when the blonde beauty was not even minutes old.

Although, Andrea did not have the slightest idea she had already met Samantha – even when he introduced her to family three years prior. But, it wasn't until the family did some digging that they unveiled a huge bombshell.

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Andrea admitted she's loved Samantha like she's one of her own kids since knowing her over the last three years. However, the pair have certainly met before.

In a TikTok clip which racked up a huge 8.2million views, Andrea shared some smiley snaps of herself and Samantha together. "She became your son's girlfriend when they were 16," Andrea explained. "Over the years you love her like one of your own, then years into this you find out."

Andrea then dropped the bombshell that caused the video to be viewed millions of times. The mum exposed: "You helped deliver her the day she was born. You were actually the nurse in her delivery room and helped bring her into the world."

"Fun fact about us," Andrea wrote in the caption of the viral clip. "Her mum played back her birth video and there I was waiting to take her from the Dr."

Mind blown over Andrea's connection with Samantha, many people raced to comment on the discovery. And some could even relate to the 'small world' moment.

"Omg!! this is so special," one user gasped. Another added: "You are totally meant to be in her life from start to end!"

While a third voiced: "So cute. it was destiny for you guys to be family!"

Someone else shared: "Had this happen with one of best friends I grew up with. My mum was dropping me off at his house and the mums got talking and yeah his mum was. The nurse that helped deliver me as a baby. Small world."

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: "I immediately started to cry, omg so beautiful."

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