I moved to London from Brisbane and there's one thing I can't get over

I moved to London from Australia and the British heat is worse than anything I’ve experienced Down Under

  • Australian expat Emily Brogan cannot stand the British heatwave
  • She moved to London from Brisbane for a change of scenery
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A young expat has revealed her shock after moving to the UK and realising hot it feels compared to Australia, even at the same temperature.

Emily Brogan, from Brisbane, recently moved to London and regularly shares her observations on the differences between the two cities. 

The social media star claimed the current British heatwave has her considering flying back to Australia because she feels like a ‘rotisserie chicken being cooked’.

‘The weather in the UK is something else,’ she said. ’28C in Britain is different to the same temperature in Australia.’

Emily recalled laughing at Britain’s 2022 heatwave where residents complained about 30C weather – but everything changed when she moved to London herself. 

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‘I thought you were all a pair of sooks who needed to harden up,’ she revealed.

Emily then experienced her first British heatwave and couldn’t cope with the heavy humidity. 

‘We only had a week of summer [in London] and the temperature was in the high-20s – but I was dying. I was not sleeping, I had my windows shut because I was scared and I live in an [unsafe] area.

‘It literally was the most f**king draining time – and I knew I couldn’t act the same way back home.’

Emily added, ‘If I complained about 28C in Australia, I’d be exported from the country. I’d be so embarrassed.’

The Brisbane woman finally understood why Londoners prefer low-20s weather because it was ‘nice’ and there was a ‘cool breeze’.

‘I’m getting ready for the UK winter now and I’m trying to convince myself I prefer it after almost dying during the one week of summer we had.’

‘My deepest apologies to the Brits,’ she said.

Emily Brogan, from Brisbane, recently moved to London and regularly shares her observations on the differences between the two cities

Many Londoners thanked her to sharing the ‘truth’ about English summer. 

‘Everyone laughs at us until they experience a British heatwave – UK heat is from the pits of hell,’ a woman said.

‘The way everyone says we’re being dramatic until they actually experience it,’ another echoed.

‘British heat is is like moist and damp and other countries have dry heat which obviously is less hot,’ a third said.

‘Last year it was 40C and it felt like being cooked,’ a woman said. ‘My house in South London was 37C inside. No air-conditioner, built to hold heat and humidity!’

Other expats shared similar experiences to Emily.

‘It’s been averaging 42C here in Texas, I grew up in the UK and I would take Texas’s 42C over UK’s 28C any day,’ a man said.

‘I lived in France and every summer it was 40C – but oh my, 27C in England is like 39C in France,’ another wrote.

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