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A MUM-of-three is running a shop from her garage to help people with the cost of living crisis.

Becki Jones from Cardiff started the venture at the beginning of October and has since amassed thousands of followers on the shop's Facebook page.

Former NHS worker Becki had always wanted to help the homeless, but realised that with the current cost of living crisis everyone could do with a helping hand.

The 30-year-old started by giving away clothes that she and her children no longer wore and set up a Facebook page asking if anyone else wanted to donate.

She told WalesOnline: "It was an instant I'm going to help the world' thought."

Much to her surprise within 24 hours, the page "blew up" and she found herself driving around collecting donations from other generous people in her local community.

Very quickly Becki's new venture started to take off and due to the increasing petrol costs, she started asking people if they could drop donations off at her home.

She now has 2,000 followers on the shop's Facebook page.

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Even though she doesn't take in larger items, she will post a picture of it to the group and people can collect it straight from the donator.

Becki leaves her gate and garage door open so that people can come and go easily, and the opening hours are posted on the page nightly for the following day.

She also started a money bank on October 13, so that if people wanted to leave a monetary donation they could.

In less than a month Becki had received £162.59 in donations which she used to buy food for Cardiff Foodbank.

Becki "can't get over" how many people her shop has helped.

She said: "I have had people crying on me. I've had a woman walk through the door with her little girl and she was like 'I am just so grateful.'

"It just shows that behind closed doors it is a lot harder than what people let on.

"A lot of people are too proud to admit that they're struggling."

Becki used to work as a housekeeper for the NHS, but left her job during the pandemic after falling pregnant.

Her newborn is now five months old.

When asked how she has juggled the shop whilst being a full-time mum she admitted it has been "non-stop".

But the busy mum is showing no signs of slowing down, she added: "I just want as many people that can come.

"Everyone is welcome, the bigger it gets the better."

A lot of families who have previously been in reasonably comfortable positions will be feeling the pinch this winter.

And may find themselves turning to charities, food banks, and the goodwill of people like Becki to help them make ends meet.

Some energy companies have also stepped in to offer additional support.

It has been announced today that millions of Brits could receive up to £300 in extra energy help from today.

This is not the only help available, from next week Brits claiming certain benefits will begin receiving the second cost of living payment worth £324.

If you are looking to how you can save on your Energy bills, the Energy Saving Trust has said that switching off your devices at the plug could save you up to £65 per year.

And turning your thermostat down to the "lowest comfortable temperature" could also help.

Free debt advice is also being offered from services such as Money Helper, Citizens Advice, StepChange, and the National Debtline.

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