I want to ask my girlfriend to pee on me during sex | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THE thought of being urinated on during sex really turns me on but I’m too scared to ask my girlfriend if she’ll oblige.

I’m so desperate to live out my fantasy I’m considering visiting a prostitute and asking her to indulge me instead.

I’m 30 and in a wonderful relationship with a woman, 28.

We have a healthy and active sex life but I’ve always wanted to try this. I’m worried that if I mention it to her, she’ll be shocked and disgusted.

Why being urinated on appeals to me so much, I can’t say.

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Yet I can’t get it out of my head.

Should I ask my girlfriend if she’ll give it a go, or try my luck outside the relationship?

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DEIDRE SAYS:  The fetish you’re describing is called urophilia and it’s surprisingly common – and allegedly enjoyed by a recent US president.

As long as it’s consensual, this is fairly harmless.

My support pack on Fetishes explains more.

However, as you already know, your girlfriend may not like the idea.


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Perhaps you could start a general conversation about fetishes, and gauge her reaction.

Please think twice before visiting a sex worker, which could ruin your relationship and put your sexual health at risk.

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