‘I was homeless after divorce – but now travel world in my van selling nudes’

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    A former barber is travelling the world in a van she calls home where she earns money selling sexy pictures online.

    Gypsy, 43, was a barber for two decades but made the radical lifestyle and career switch after a divorce left her homeless and unable to afford rental accommodation.

    But taking a big leap of faith, she bought a van and started a racy subscription account, and has since driven through each of the 50 states of America and been to Scotland.

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    And speaking to us from the van where she earns her living, she told Daily Star: “The best thing about travelling is meeting so many new people from all walks of life. I have met people who are now family to me and I shoot most of my content in my van or in the middle of nowhere outside in beautiful places.

    “I sleep in my van all the time even if I’m visiting friends. I didn’t get lonely the first two years but loneliness comes in waves now but I go visit a friend or two then I am ok. I’m not really sure how long I’ll be living like this. I’m still enjoying it so I guess until I’m sick of it.”

    Gypsy, who will spend Christmas giving food and gifts to a homeless organisation, has clocked up 119,000 miles on her adventures so far and she described still being in disbelief about what she has been doing in the past three years.

    She is originally from a small town in Maine and even when she had a stable job and husband she dreamed of more.

    Explaining the inspiration behind her current way of life, she said: “I loved my old job but I wanted more freedom. I had always wanted to travel and see more than a small town.

    “After my divorce from my third husband I was homeless and rent anywhere was so expensive so I bought a school bus and built a home out of that.

    “That took me nine months to build all on my own and I lived in that for a year and noticed very quickly how expensive it was to travel the world. So I sold the bus and bought a van where I built my home and I started OnlyFans after I got fired from a dealership job I had for two years during the pandemic.

    “I have even been to Scotland in the last two years and I love it there. If my younger self could say something to me it would probably be ‘holy s**t that’s so cool’.”

    The raunchy model did not divulge how much money she was making on OnlyFans – but said she had to work harder than a lot of people because she was not a “huge creator”.

    However, she did say it was enough to get by and she could not be more pleased with the bold choices she made after the divorce.

    “No words can describe how proud I am of myself,” she said. “I just keep believing I could do this and manifest this life and working hard.”

    At the end of the interview, we asked Gypsy if she had anything to add and replying, she said: “Take the leap of faith and do it now.

    “Tomorrow isn’t promised so go live life the way you want. Go get those dreams by the balls and make it happen. You have to believe in yourself. You can make it happen with work and determination.”

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