‘I was kicked out of church over my tattoos – but it’s wrong to call me demonic’

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    A woman says she was shunned from her conservative town when she started getting inked.

    Orylan received a tattoo machine from her mum when she was just 14 – and it changed her life.

    She soon got hooked on body art, which she uses to express herself.

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    And over the years, the 24-year-old tattoo artist has spent around £40,000 on various different designs.

    Despite feeling more comfortable in her skin nowadays, Orylan revealed she’s judged over her appearance on a regular basis.

    In her small town in Texas, she’s been branded “demonic” by some.

    And despite being raised in the Pentecostal Church, she’s been kicked out of some congregations due to her extreme look.

    Orylan told Truly: “One of the biggest assumptions is that I’m demonic and don’t believe in God.

    “That I’m the devil, the spawn of Satan, but it’s literally so far from the truth.”

    Many also assume she’s “unemployed”, “homeless” and “has no family”, which also isn’t the case.

    Instead of letting hate hold her back, the influencer tries to rise above it.

    She said: “I get a lot of hate – but I just think they’re looking at a mirror of themselves.

    “I can never see myself going online and trolling someone they don’t even know. I just find that disgusting.”

    Orylan has the full support of her family and enjoys standing out from the crowd.

    She added: “I want people to look at me and question what they’re seeing and why.

    “I wanna express myself this way and I like people to almost be offended by what they see sometimes.

    “I don’t like fitting in…

    “The tattoos do not define me, the tattoos do not make me a worse person, the tattoos do nothing but sit on my skin.

    “They do not define the person I am on the inside.”


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