‘I’m a catfish – trolls say I look like a "dog" without makeup but I don’t care’

A self-taught makeup artist has been accused of "catfishing" online after showing what her natural look is.

Sarah Andres, who posts online under the username "Lashes and Losing", has racked up more than 700,000 followers by posting videos of her bold looks. The 35-year-old from Edmonton, Canada, is a "self-taught make-up enthusiast” and jokes she's a "catfish" – but her transformations go beyond contouring and eyeshadow.

In a recent clip, which has gained more than 15,000 likes, she transformed herself from being barefaced with no front teeth, to all glammed up with a full set of pearly whites. Her glam look featured super long false eyelashes, a pink cut-crease eyeshadow look and contour.

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The transformation was shared in response to a cruel troll who branded her a "dog" when she didn't wear makeup. However, the beauty influencer was praised by fans for not caring as she lipsynced to a clip from Aliyah’s Interlude – IT GIRL.

The track said: "B***h, you know I’m sexy. Don’t call, just text me. B*****s slow, can't get on my speed. They stare 'cause they know I'm the I-T G-I-R-L. You know I am that girl."

But she doesn't deny being a "catfish" as she is often seeing using the term in hashtags to describe herself.

TikTok users were left stunned at the response of the troll as they took to the comments to encourage her to continue being herself. A viewer wrote: "You are so beautiful with and without makeup with a heart of gold."

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Another commented: "With or without makeup, I think you’re genuinely beautiful." A third wrote: "You are GORGEOUS!! Anyone who says anything negative is just jealous."

But other people slammed Sarah for being a "catfish" and called for makeup to be "banned". One user said: "I honestly think makeup should be banned."

A second said: "Definition of a catfish." A third added: "Imagine waking up to that the next morning when the makeup comes off. Can’t say you’re sexy with all that makeup on."

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