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WHEN it comes to penises, everyone is different.

But one thing is for sure, the size of a man's soldier is something that's hotly debated.

Whether it's in the changing rooms or giggly chat on girl's night – it's a guessing game that never gets old.

But now, one doctor has revealed a nifty trick if you want to guess the size of a man's member.

You'd think that getting out the tape measure or even a ruler would do the trick, but there's an even simpler way.

Posting to TikTok, Dr Karan Rajan referred to a study which claims that you can measure the size of a man's penis by how short his index finger is.

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He explained: "According to a urological study in the Asian Journal of Andrology a shorter index finger compared to ring finger correlates to a bigger snozwaggler.

"This is known as the second to fourth digit ratio, calculated by dividing the length of the index finger by the length of the ring finger.

"The smaller the index finger, the lower the 2D 4D ratio.

"A smaller digit ratio points to high exposure to testosterone in the uterus. According to the study testosterone doesn't just control future penis length but also future finger length."



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Some TikTok users joked that they would 'walk around with my hands in my pockets from now on'.

Over 61,000 people liked the post with many others commenting on the new tool.

In the comments section Dr Rajan said: "This is not a HARD and fast rule, it's an interesting study but by no means a rule book! Love how this has triggered so many".

The NHS says that most men's penises are somewhere around 9cm (3.75in) long when not erect, but it's normal for them to be shorter or longer than this.

Official guidance states: "Some things can make your penis temporarily smaller, such as swimming or being cold.

"Research has found the average erect penis size varies from around 13cm to 18cm (5in to 7in). You cannot make your penis larger or smaller with exercises or medication", it states.


When it comes to the shape of your soldier, the NHS said there is a large variation and there is no right shape.

They explain that some penises point straight up and other point straight down, with others also having bends to the left or right.

They added: "If you have a more significant bend in your penis that may cause you pain or difficulty having sex, see your GP."

Dr Rajan's TikTok advice has become popular with subscribers of the social media app and he now has 4.4 million followers and 224.1 million likes.

He previously advised his followers on how you can get rid of an unwanted erection.

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He also revealed that the worst case he's ever treated in A&E was a man who was suffering with a 'marathon erection'.

This occurred after he had taken too many Viagra pills.

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