‘I’m a witch who can spot liars – I caught boyfriend cheating using tarot cards’

Most 24-year-olds have interests in the gym or perhaps jetting off to Ibiza.

However, not for Georgia Long who is a practicing modern witch who makes money on TikTok from her pagan lifestyle.

Boasting 204,000 followers under the username @leomoonie, office worker Georgia shares her world with adoring fans and witchcraft enthusiasts.

She provides insight into the secret world of magic, from blood bonding to catching out lying lads.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Georgia revealed she started practicing witchcraft three years ago.

She was introduced to it by a work friend and has since fully immersed herself into the spiritual lifestyle.

Georgia's colleague bought her tarot cards and a rose quartz crystal, which are apparently gifts that can give you "self confidence".

She revealed: “I was at first unsure about doing tarot as I didn’t know if it was true or if it worked but I really connected to this tarot deck.

“I have my own box that I keep my cards in and it is where I keep my own energy in, if you have your own cards the tarot readings are more accurate.”

Georgia studied her tarot cards to guide her through life – and even checked to see if her boyfriend was lying to her when they first started dating.

She revealed: “I wanted to know if he was talking to other girls, so I would use tarot to see if he was lying about anything, because I would know through the tarot cards.”

Georgia added: "He denied it but my tarot was saying 'yes' he is speaking to other girls.

“I caught him out as he admitted he was not only seeing me.

“It freaked him out but it assured me he wasn't going to lie about anything else.”

Despite their rocky start, the relationship is going strong two years on.

Georgia believes she has witchcraft to thank for that.

She said: “I personally think witchcraft has brought a stronger connection to our relationship.

"I have given him some crystals and he has really taken that on board.”

Embracing Georgia's lifestyle, her boyfriend has now started to dabble in witchcraft himself.

The green witch explained: “He charges crystals in the moonlight before I even ask so he has got quite into it.

“I feel like witchcraft has made us bond more.”

Educating the masses on her witchy experiences, Georgia has racked up a huge TikTok following.

Despite only being on the creator fund for three months, she has already made hundreds by posting her videos.

She revealed: “I started my TikTok account in January and from there it grew quite quickly.

“So the more likes and views you get the more money you would get but it's definitely not something you would quit your day job over, or for me anyway.”

Despite her success on TikTok, the green witch has attracted some not so wanted attention from people with religious backgrounds.

Georgia admitted: “I’ve always had a few religious people tell me I'm going to go to hell for doing witchcraft.”

She's not gonna let this hold her back though!

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