Im sick of covering my big boobs to be taken seriously – theyre a curse

A woman has spoken out about how her big boobs are "more of a curse than a blessing" as they've led to her being undermined throughout her life.

Writing for MamaMia, Mary Rose Madigan explained how her adult life has been dominated by people judging her based on her breast size.

She said, though many people may see larger breasts as sexy and appealing, they can often cause her more stress than happiness.

More than anything she wishes she could cover them up more so men would stop gawking at her.

She said: "It's less about feeling sexy and more about trying to find a shirt that buttons up and wishing men would stop leering at me.

"I've spent my whole life having to discuss my boobs.

"Sure, some creepy men make comments, but women also like to comment.

"From 'I wish I had your boobs!' to, 'Wow, does your back hurt?'

"Commenting on my chest is considered a form of small talk.

"Ultimately, I've learned to accept that I have an eye-catching physical attribute, and therefore people are going to comment, like people having red hair, but sometimes it really does suck."

Mary also said that she constantly has to "police her own body" due to the size of her cleavage.

She says her breast size causes people to look at her more, underestimate her and sexualise her.

The writer said she's spent "her whole life" trying to feel more interesting than her chest, which "isn't good".

Mary explained: "I've always been hyper-aware of my chest. I grew up with my mother constantly telling me to cover my boobs up."

She believes her mum did this to "protect" her from the "over-sexualisation" that goes on in society.

And as she's grown up, this theme has continued with a manager telling her to "cover up" to be taken more seriously at work.

Other pitfalls of being curvy include struggling to find clothes that fit.

Mary is frustrated she can't "participate in some fashion trends" or "dress how she likes".

Instead, she opts for garments that help people see past her figure.

Mary concluded: "Having big boobs sounds fabulous in theory, and sometimes I look in the mirror and think they look great. But it is the least interesting thing about me.

"I have a great deal more to offer than any aspect of my physicality projects.

"Mostly, I spend my life trying to cover up my chest and be seen as a fully fleshed-out person and not just someone with big boobs."

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