Life of 7ft woman with largest vagina ever – from ‘freak show’ to baby tragedy

Being a talented actress and singer may be enough to earn you considerable applause in life.

But being seven feet 11 inches tall and having the world’s largest vagina will truly forge your name in history.

That was the case for Anna Swan, a gifted performer whose ginormous private parts were said to be a whopping 19 inches wide. Her lady parts are still being talked about to this day, despite her being dead for 134 years.

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And the circus favourite actually became famous from the moment she popped out of her mum in August 1846.

Anna was born in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and was immediately the talk of the town for being what gossiping locals dubbed a “giant baby”.

As a tot she weighed a hefty 18 pounds – despite her gobsmacked parents, who were Scottish immigrants, being average height.

She grew rapidly and was reportedly four feet six inches tall at just four-years-child.

And two years later she was visited by the local reverend, A.S. Murray, who was later quoted as saying: “Mrs. Swan said that when Anna was born, they lived in a different house at the top of a steep hill with a brook at the bottom.

“When Anna was four, she used to carry a pail of water up the hill in each hand.

“When she was eight, she wore her mother’s wrapper and a passerby stopped his horses to see why a ‘woman’ was out playing with the children.”

By the time the enormous youngster was 17, she already towered at over seven feet.

She lived with her smaller loved ones in a tiny farmhouse and had to stand with her head ducked and was discouraged from sitting in the wooden chairs in case her weight broke them.

But despite her struggles, Anna was intelligent and made a success of her life.

She was an actress, pianist and singer and she once graced the stage at the famous Barnum Museum in Connecticut, US.

And while her lofty appearance may have intimidated many men, she still managed to find love.

She hitched with Captain Martin Van Buren Bates – a fellow giant who was almost eight feet and an incredible 470lbs (33st).

They became a popular circus attraction with their "freak show" and the massive pair hold the Guinness World Record for being the tallest ever married couple.

They proved to be a popular match and married in London in 1871 where Queen Victoria reportedly gifted the lovers a handmade pocket watch.

Two years later the giants bought a home fit for their size that was surrounded by 120 acres of land in Seville, Ohio.

The ceilings were 14-foot high but tragically the pair were unable to raise a family together.

Anna first gave birth in 1872 to a girl who did not survive long before she had a second child – who weighed a world record 24 pounds – and who died after 11 hours.

The happy couple then lived a quiet life together on their farm and attended church every Sunday.

Anna died in 1888 aged 41 from heart failure but her doting husband kept her memory alive by ordering a statue of her.


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