Man fumes as delivery driver urinates on his property

Man fumes as Amazon driver urinates against the wall and he’s offered a £5 gift card as compensation

  • Sammy Morris, from the UK received a nasty surprise with his Amazon parcel 
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A disgruntled Amazon customer has complained after claiming they were offered a £5 voucher as compensation when a driver urinated beside the wall of his home. 

In a recent thread posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, Sammy Morris, known as @sammy_morris1 shared RING doorbell footage of a female Amazon UK driver apparently pulling her trousers down to urinate on his drive.

In another tweet he revealed that he was awarded a mere £5 in compensation from e-commerce giant Amazon after he first tweeted his outrage.

He said: So my @AmazonUK @amazon @AmazonHelp delivery driver thought it would be acceptable to go and use the bathroom at the side of my house… without the bathroom. Then goes back to the van without washing her hands and delivers my parcel. Just glad it wasn’t a number 2.

While some poked fun at the incident, many X users shamed him for ‘trying to make someone lose their job before Christmas’.

The culprit in question just seconds before she urinates on this customer’s lawn

In action: the woman rolled her trousers down to her ankles and let her urine flow

An angry Sammy took his frustrations to X, sharing RING doorbell footage of an Amazon driver urinating on his drive 

Sammy wasn’t satsified with the solution offered to him

He attached a video to his original tweet and while it appears that Amazon UK had offered to relieve his stress by giving him a £5 gift voucher – Sammy wasn’t too pleased. 

Amazon UK replied to his plea for help: ‘Hello! We’d like to help. Please send us a DM. We ask that you don’t share personal or account information such as email or order/tracking numbers. We look forward to assisting you! -Mel’.

In response to the Amazon UK customer service agent, the dissatisfied shopper quipped: ‘You offered me a £5 gift card voucher for a member of your staff urinating on my property. 

‘PLEASE Mel….. Would you be ok with me pissing on your drive and accepting a fiver? If so send me your bank details I finish work early tomorrow.’ 

However, while Sammy was repulsed by the female delivery driver’s behaviour, not everybody ran to his defence.    

One user joked: ‘Taking the p*** mate’ but another X user stated: ‘Trying to make someone lose their job before Christmas. Nice one’.

Others echoed this sentiment, even sympathising with the driver: ‘Tbh it’s not even their fault they literally don’t get given time to p*** or they could lose their jobs.

‘Blame the archaic rules set by the richest man on Earth’, he finished. 

X users blasted the original poster for being insensitive and suggested he was fame-hungry 

And another chastised Sammy for not offering her a toilet break – and reminded him: ‘Very easy to get caught out when doing that work’. 

A different user claimed: ‘People who moan about what she did are the same people who wouldn’t let her use the toilet if she asked. Facts’. 

And others branded him fame hungry: ‘Doing this for a few likes instead of dealing with it in private? Well done’.

An Amazon spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with. We’re looking into this.’ 

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