Marilyn Monroe’s Latino Roots Explored in Upcoming BTF and Loz Dos Studios Drama (EXCLUSIVE)

Miami-based BTF Media and Loz Dos Studios, a Latinx production studio, are jumping on the Marilyn Monroe bandwagon, with a still untitled biopic in the works that promises an untold look at the iconic movie star’s Latina heritage and one of her final trips to Mexico. Details of the script are drawn from released FBI documents, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

The upcoming project will be another addition to the pantheon of film and TV projects that have proliferated through the years since Monroe’s untimely death in 1962, with the latest being Netflix docu “The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes” and the upcoming NC-17-rated drama “Blonde,” starring Ana de Armas, that is slated for release this year on the giant streamer.

BTF Media founders Francisco Cordero and Ricardo Coeto are partnering with Dennis Polar from Loz Dos Studios to co-produce the film inspired by the life of Monroe. The screenplay is penned by Alexa Polar, founder of Female Filmmakers Fuse, a non-profit organization that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in film.

Monroe was a star during the time in Hollywood where many actors and actresses changed their real names to further enhance their mainstream (read Anglo-American) appeal. Margarita Carmen Cansino became Rita Hayworth and Raquel Tejada was known as Raquel Welch. The fact that Monroe’s mother was born in Mexico was quietly suppressed. Hence, Norma Jeane Mortenson became known as Marilyn Monroe.

Said Cordero: “For such a well-known figure, it must have been incredibly difficult for Marilyn to keep such a secret. It’s an honor to shine a light on her as a Latina becoming comfortable with her roots.”

“The Latinx community has so many vibrant stories to share and this film will bring an underrepresented point of view to Marilyn’s iconic story,” said Polar of Loz Dos Studios.

Production is targeted to start this Fall with most scenes expected to be filmed in Mexico. Casting is currently underway. Dialogue will mainly be in English with some Spanish in the mix.

BTF Media is one of the fastest growing Spanish-language media companies in dramas and biopics. Recent projects include the breakout “Maradona: Blessed Dream,” the International Emmy-nominated Juan Gabriel biopic “Hasta que te conocí” and a recently announced TV series based on the life and works of Frida Kahlo.

Loz Dos Studios’ mission is to produce and promote high quality content that highlights underrepresented groups, with a focus on Latinx in television and film.

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