Martin Lewis reveals how you can earn hundreds of pounds a year through cashback

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has shared some top tips on how to earn hundreds of pounds a year through cashback.

He revealed three ways to get paid while spending during his ITV show, the Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

Martin's first tip was to use one of the best cashback cards. "By far the easiest is the debit card from Chase… it gives you 1% speedy cashback up to a maximum of £15 a month," he explained.

He also recommended the American Express Platinum Everyday for a cashback credit card. "[It's] better for bigger spenders, especially if you've got a really big transaction coming, because it gives you 5% cashback on what you spend on it for the first three months up to a maximum £100," he said.

Martin shared a success story from a viewer who wrote: "I signed up to the Amex cashback credit card and through the year I've saved £100 in cashback."

He also suggested using cashback websites, explaining: "Cashback websites, very simply, they get paid when you buy things through them and the way they encourage you to do that is by giving you a cut of what they get," he said.

"Don't let the cashback tail wag the dog – always go and buy in the best place first and then see if you can get cashback by paying the same price as you would direct. That is important, but it can be lucrative."

He added: "If you're just shopping online and you find something cheap, check if it's got cashback and get a few quid back and it can add up over the year."

If you're wanting to make the most of Martin's top tip, TopCashback is currently offering s a £20 bonus for new members.

Another viewer had been "following Martin's tips for some time" and used cashback sites. "I did some research and joined a cashback site," the viewer said. "Since then I have earned over £6,000 in cashback. I book any hotel, airline tickets, broadband deals, car insurance, home insurance, even for friends and family…through the site."

The money expert's final tip was to download the Airtime Rewards cashback app. He explained: "It gives you credit on your mobile – it works with O2, EE, Vodafone, GiffGaff and Three. What you do is, you link your bank account, it monitors your spending and it gives you specific cashback at certain stores. So, Argos 2%, Greggs 5%, Boots 4%."

A viewer shared their success story on the show, saying: "I signed my grandparents up for Airtime Rewards a while back. We redeemed £30 at the start of the year, meaning they have three months of no phone bills."

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