Model defies trolls who called her ‘ugly’ after brain tumour by flaunting scars

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You wouldn’t have to look too closely to assume that stunning model Victoria Vesce leads an enviable and glamorous lifestyle.

This year she donned the pages of Sports Illustrated showing off her gorgeous figure in a skimpy swimsuit.

The brunette beauty also has almost a quarter of a million Instagram followers and travels the world to wow audiences on the catwalk.

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But life has pushed Victoria, a former law clerk and real estate agent, to her limits in the past few years.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017 while dancing for NBA team the Charlotte Hornets and subsequently became deaf in one ear.

Victoria – who has also been branded fat and ugly – underwent surgery and 30 rounds of experimental radiation treatment.

And she has now shown the scars that left her fearing that nobody would like her again.

Speaking with Daily Star, the 29-year-old, who is based in Florida, said: “I didn’t think anyone would like me after my scars but there’s been inclusivity and I’m still working and happy.

“The photos of the scars and being in hospital give me bad, bad memories.

“Going through extreme trauma, heartbreak and grief has taught me a lot about how precious life is and to do everything you want because life is so short.”

Despite the chilling memories, Victoria said she would still relive them so she could see her mother again, who died after her multiple paraganglioma diagnosis.

At first she was suffering migraines and dizziness but it was her mother who questioned her fatigue, elevated heart rate and flushed appearance before the brain-skull tumour and carotid body tumour were spotted.

She is now healthy again and her career is thriving but Victoria said that was the last thing on her mind during her battle to stay alive.

“Honestly, modelling has never been the forefront for me,” she said.

“Being a powerful leader and boss is what really drives me. I’d rather own the venue than model in it, but I do enjoy modelling. The industry is very cut throat when it comes to appearance and my body fluctuates like crazy.”

And her body has often been the subject of cruel criticism from trolls online.

Even last week she posted on Instagram: “I’ve been called fat, ugly, your legs are too big, you have a tummy, and even worse.

“Remember you can be the brightest juiciest best peach and there will be people who don’t like peaches. It’s been tough and hard on my self esteem, but that’s this industry.

“I’ve tried to stop comparing myself, my body, and my accomplishments to other people and just have decided to live and live the way I want and just be happy.”

She is now deaf in her right ear after her tumour eroded her temporal bone.

And speaking of losing her hearing, she said: “It gets a little tough hearing anything honestly.

“A lot of people think I’m being rude when I don’t answer them, but I’m all honesty I just cannot hear them. I wear my hearing aids sometimes, but I’ve been contemplating about cochlear implants.”

Asked what got her through her diagnosis, she concluded: “I just had this mindset to really get through it.

“There were plenty of times the pain got so excruciating I wanted to give up. I remember all of a sudden my skin felt like it was on fire and my head was bleeding from my surgical scar and I just wanted to end it there.

“But there was this voice inside of me and my faith kept telling me to keep fighting on.”


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