Model who made OnlyFans fortune faces cost of living crisis as men pay her less

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The cost of living crisis is hitting everyone – and it’s even affecting the adult entertainment industry.

Fenella Foxis one of the top creators on OnlyFans but even she has had to make adjustments to keep up with the times.

The 28-year-old, from Bristol, shot to fame online after embracingthe “all-natural” look on the subscription-based website and is now in the top 1% of creators worldwide.

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But she has noticed that men are paying less for porn, which means she’s had to slash her prices.

While Fenella used to charge £22, she is now only charging £4 for her content – and it’s negatively affecting her income.

“I have had to change around my pricing. For example, I’m no longer selling a video for £17 but £15, £13 is now £10 and £9 videos are now £8,” she explained.

“I also notice I struggle to get subscribers in at the full price of £22 when a couple of years back there were hundreds paying £35 to subscribe to my page!

“I find a £4 sale does the best and I think a lot of men don't want to pay £9 or more to sub right now. Other models I've spoken with are noticing they have had to play around with pricing too.”

While Fenella understands that times are tough for everyone, changing her prices has meant to hasn’t been able to give herself a pay rise and her rent has recently gone up in price.

The British lass has made over £400,000 on OnlyFans since rejoining in February 2020 – and she believes she could one day make more than £870,000.

But this is now proving to be a more difficult goal than she originally thought.

She explained: “My income has remained around $15,000 (around £13,000) a month over the last year. It's not easy to get a pay rise at the moment and feels a lot harder than the year before.

“My rent has recently gone up and it felt like my accommodation wanted me to leave so they could put it up even higher, from £1,800 to £2,100 a month.

“But I managed to negotiate and get it for £1,845 a month which is still very high in my opinion as it's a two-bed apartment.”

Thankfully it all isn’t doom and gloom – as Fenella has noticed that her price cuts have helped encourage sales amongst her subscribers.

While some OnlyFans models aren’t changing their prices, Fenella thinks her job is more fun when she has more subscribers.

She’s also noticed a shift in the kind of content that does best.

“I find the more ‘tease’ content isn't doing as well as it used to. For example, a 10-minute striptease video from clothed to nude isn't getting as many sales as it used to,” she shared.

“I find my audience wants the more ‘hardcore’ content…

“I think everyone is nervous about October price increases and I'm very interested to see how things change on OnlyFans.

“Success on OnlyFans is all about keeping up with what's going on in the world and adapting to it. If you aren't always ready to adapt, you won't last.”


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