Mom who makes reusable toilet paper out of old pajamas sparks debate

Is she totally potty? Eco warrior mom reveals she’s DITCHED all toilet paper and instead relies on reusable ‘FAMILY CLOTH’ because it ‘saves money’ and is ‘softer on her bum’

  • An environmentally conscious mom, from US, reveals her toilet paper situation
  • She says she uses reusable toilet paper she’s made out old Christmas pajamas
  • The revelation has divided TikTok users, with some for and against the practice 

A environmentally conscious mom sparked fierce debate online after revealing she uses reusable toilet paper made out of old Christmas pajamas.

The TikTok creator, known as @tiny_waste, made a video initially showing things her family asks when they come to visit her low-waste home, including questions about her lack of paper towels and Saran wrap as well as her preferred toilet paper.

In the comments section of this video, one person mentioned the use of ‘family cloth,’ a reusable alternative to toilet paper, and the creator, who is believed to be based in the US, responded that she did use it.

‘The family cloth and bidet setup is in the upstairs bathroom… I cannot tell a lie,’ she said.

The US TikTok creator, known as @tiny_waste, made a video about how she uses reusable toilet paper in her home

She keeps a basket of clean family cloths on top of her toilet. They are made out of scraps from old Christmas pajamas

When a follower asked her what a ‘family cloth’ was, she obliged by making a follow-up TikTok video.

The creator said she was unsure who came up with the term but went onto explain what it was.

‘It is an unfortunate name for cloth toilet paper. Let me show you what the setup is in my home to hopefully remove some of the ick factor,’ she begins in the video.

‘This is the toilet in our upstairs bathroom primarily used by my husband and I.

Pointing to a basket sitting on top of the cistern, she goes on to explain it was filled with clean wipes, ‘mostly flannel, cut from old Christmas pajamas.’

‘When I use the bathroom I let the bidet do all the heavy lifting, pat dry with a clean wipe, and then put the used wipe in this bin which will eventually go into the laundry,’ the creator continues.

‘No wipe is ever used for multiple bathroom sessions without being laundered, that would be disgusting.’

The creator then explains that she personally loved cloth toilet paper ‘because it’s sturdier and softer on my bum.’

The creator then explains that she personally loved cloth toilet paper ‘because it’s sturdier and softer on my bum’

The creator says she uses the family cloth after employing the bidet (left) and throws the used one in this bin (right) before it goes into the wash

She adds her husband is not a fan, so she also keeps regular toilet paper on hand.


Would you ditch toilet paper for reusable ‘family cloth’?

Would you ditch toilet paper for reusable ‘family cloth’?

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The mom’s revelation left people divided in the comments section of her TikTok.

‘You do you but even touching that after I know someone else wiped with it makes me feel so dirty,’ one person said.

Another added: ‘You couldn’t pay me to do this.’

‘Nope. Still poop left. I’m not sticking that in my washer,’ a TikTok user wrote.

‘When I heard family cloth. I was very scared y’all were sharing like a single rag hanging on a hook by the toilet,’ a fourth person said.

‘”Family cloth” def makes it sound like one rag the whole household shares,’ someone else said.

But she admits she keeps regular toilet paper on hand as her husband doesn’t like the family cloth

TikTok users were divided about the mom’s revelation about toilet paper, with one person saying: ‘You couldn’t pay me to do this’

Others questioned if using the bidet and the laundering would actually make a difference.

However some TikTok users were supportive of her use of reusable toilet paper.

‘Okay I can understand this. We have a bidet and toilet paper is literally just to dry, might as well do this,’ one person said.

‘I’ve finally made it to family cloth tok. We love ours, and we are set if there’s ever another tp (toilet paper) shortage. Also it’s nice for our septic,’ another added.

‘I mean the bidet does the heavy work. this works. I appreciate anyone who goes low waste without pressuring other consumers,’ a third wrote.

Someone else who also uses cloth toilet paper said they’d ‘never go back to TP.’

‘Cloth is so much comfier and does a great job of drying after a bidet. We also keep TP for guests,’ they said.

When asked about if she decided to ditch toilet paper to save money or the environment, the creator said it was ‘a little bit of both,’ adding: ‘Since giving birth, my hemorrhoids really appreciate the extra softness.’

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