Mrs Hinch ‘speechless’ at trolls who mum-shamed her for buying son pram and doll

Mrs Hinch had her say after cruel trolls "mum-shamed" her for buying her son a doll and pram for Christmas.

The cleaning guru, 33, mum to sons Ronnie, four, and Lennie, two, recently told her Instagram followers she bought Lennie a doll, a pram and cot for Christmas. But she was quickly hit by comments from trolls.

She said it left her "speechless" as one person sent her a direct message implying that buying her son the gift would prevent him from being a "strong and masculine man". The influencer then shared the message with her followers.

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The messaged read: "I always followed you and liked your posts but now you've decided to jump on the woke train, whether you meant it or not… PS your husband should step in and defend his sons honour and tell you he's a boy.

"We need strong boys to grow up and be strong and masculine men! That's not toxic, it's how healthy and functioning societies are built."

Mrs Hinch was so confused, she replied: "Side note… but what the actual hell is this message?? Because I have bought my son a doll and a pram? Is it me or what the hell is actually going on nowadays! I must be on a different planet!!!"

She was so furious about the message that she later went onto to record a video of herself voicing her true feelings.

The social media star continued: "Guys, like what do you even say to a message like that? Like I haven't replied but do you know when you just get some messages and you think 'what the hell,' like what!

"I bought my son a doll, a pram and a cot because he loves dollies. He loves putting them to bed, he loves pushing the pram. I didn't think anything of it and then I get that sort of grief.

"But yeah no words, no blooming words."

It's not the first time she's hit back at trolls as, in the past, people criticised her for allowing her little boy to play with dolls houses. Back in 2021, she said Ronnie's nursery told her it was his favourite toy to play with so she bought one for their home.

She then shared clips of the mini playhouse she bought online, writing: "I think I’ve finally collected everything I need to start project doll’s house tomorrow. I can’t wait to share it with you all."

But, even though her little one loved it, people weren't very supportive. Some people were quick to be cruel and questioned her choices.

One message she received about it read: "Dolls house? Why is Ronnie playing with a dolls house?"

At the time, the cleaning pro said: "Well this has p***ed me off if I’m being honest with you. I don’t know why children are pigeon-holed on what to play with.

"If Ronnie wants to play with a dolls house, he will play with a dolls house."

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