Mum left fuming after school casts daughter as ‘someone’s wife’ in nativity

A mum has hit out at her daughter's school after accusing them of "everyday sexism" while casting a nativity play.

She took to Mumsnet to tell people about the situation which she dubbed as "backward" after she found out her daughter would be playing the innkeeper’s wife. In the post, she said she usually doesn't get angry about things at school, but this one took the biscuit.

Taking to the platform, she wrote: "Normally I am pretty relaxed about all things school, and I certainly feel sorry for the teachers' workloads, but come on people. No woman should be identified by her relationship to a man. Surely? I'm itching to call them out on this. Itching."

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She continued: "This is how casual everyday feminism gets perpetuated by people not calling people out on this stuff. It just bothers me that in the core learning place for our kids, this stuff just goes on with no one batting an eyelid."

Even though she was left raging, the story has left people torn, as some felt she was overreacting a bit. While some understood where she was coming from, others just didn't see it as a big deal.

One replied, stating: "I am itching to tell you that you are being unbelievably ridiculous." Another added: "I don't get the issue here I'm afraid. The play is set over 2000 years ago when women were somebody's wife."

Some also said she should "count herself lucky" that her daughter has a human part. One person explained their son was "usually livestock".

Another user jokingly chirped in with: "I agree with you. She should be referred to as the Innkeeper's significant other. If not, insist your daughter is recast as a sheep."

One more added: "I don't see the problem either. Your daughter has an actual role and is not one of the many sheep or angels."

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