Mum picks baby name for girl – but people say she sounds like sleazy prostitute

Choosing baby names can be a difficult process for mums and dads.

Not only does it take a lot of discussing for expectant parents, the decision could take some time too.

Now one mum-to-be thought she had the perfect name for her baby daughter – until people shared their opinion.

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The woman, named Katie, took to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask for advice on the moniker.

She said: "What are your thoughts on the name Gigi for a girl?

"And if it were to be a nickname which more traditional names could be used as a full name?"

It didn't take long for Mumsnet users to jump in with their opinions on the mum-to-be's chosen name.

One said: "Not as a full name, it's fluffy and strippery at the same time."

Another wrote: "Sorry no, it's too often used as a name for prostitutes or strippers on TV. Just associated with sleaze."

A third suggested it was "awful" as a full name but passable as a nickname.

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The user posted: "I used to have a Beanie Baby poodle called Gigi.

"Personally I don't love it as full name, but could work for any name beginning with G. Georgia/Georgina/Georgiana and Giselle."

While a fourth claimed Gigi seems a bit too "showgirl-ish".

When it comes to baby names, experts recently shared the worst monikers parents could possibly go for.

Though experts Emma's Diary insist the list is only indented to be "a bit of fun" and isn't meant to offend anyone.

They said: "If you love a certain name, then you should use it and forget about what anyone else may think."

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