Mum proud to be 45 with stretch marks as cruel trolls say she looks her age

A mum-of-two was cruelly trolled when she told people that she didn't look her age.

Hilary Leigh, who claims to be an anti-aging product educator, showed her youthful-looking skin as part of a TikTok challenge, with many claiming she was in her 30s.

Using the trending soundtrack "tell me you don't look your age without telling me you don't look your age", she revealed that she is actually 45.

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Since her video went viral, she was bombarded with messages from people telling her that she "looks just like your age" and "definitely not young as 30".

One said: "You look exactly your age, I guessed 45 too."

"I feel like people make these videos to hear they look so much younger and when they don't, they get upset," a second wrote.

A third added: "All that works makes you instantly look older."

Hilary responded to the viewers and said she is fine if people disagreed how old or young she is.

She added: "These comments are trying to get to me but unfortunately, my skin grew really thick over the years, I am an anti-ageing product educator and a make-up artist but I just think that's something fun to do.

"I thought it's just a fun little audio because people don't really think I'm 45 when I meet them. If TikTok disagrees, that's fine but a lot of you felt the need to humble me.

"I have cellulite, I have stretch marks, I have a scar across my belly because I have abdominal separation – some of you think I'm younger, some of you think I'm my age."

Hilary revealed that she had had a boob job after realising her breasts had gone "flat" for breastfeeding her second child.

She also pointed out that she had Botox injected on her forehead but "zero filler in the face".

"I think we can admit not every women enjoys being told they look older. I'll apologise by no means am I not proud to be 45, I'm so proud at where I'm at – it's meant to be fun given what I do for a living," she concluded.


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