Mum slams Pontins’ room ‘that was so filthy it ‘risked her 3-year-old’s life’

A mum claims the accommodation at a Pontins resort was so dirty it put her son's life in danger.

Rebecca Williams, 34, took her little one, her partner, mum, dad and sister to the Brean Sands resort in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset.

But she said there was "exposed wire, dead flies inside and chipped panelling" in the room.

She also told Somerset Live the fridge was dirty, and there was damp on the curtains in a second room to which her family was moved.

Rebecca's son, three, suffers from anaphylaxis, which means he can have a potentially life-threatening reaction to an allergy.

He can't eat nuts or eggs so she claimed she was angry to find leftover food in one of the rooms she was shown.

"Something so small can lead my son to have a shock, which can be fatal.

"My top blew. For his health, I wanted to be moved," she said.

"There was exposed wire, dead flies inside and the panelling was chipped.

"What we paid for, we didn't get. I wasn't impressed."

Rebecca, of Birmingham, complained on Monday July 1 but said she was told a £35 upgrade fee was needed to move rooms.

She refused to pay but was eventually given a second room – which she claims was even worse than the first.

She said: "There was damp on the curtains, the fridge was dirty and there was left-over food in the cupboards.

"I said to my mum, 'this is not right'. I wanted to pack straight away.

"She agreed and said it was a disgrace."

Rebecca then complained again and claims two managers agreed to inspect the room with a handyman, who offered to clean it.

But, by then, she said she had had enough.

"I said 'there's no point cleaning this room'," she said.

"My parents' room, a newer one, wasn't that bad so I said 'if you get me one of those I will stay'."

The mum said staff showed her to a third room which she claimed was equally unclean – prompting her to call the whole holiday off.

And the entire party decided to leave.

"That place needs to be shut down," she added.

"I wouldn't advise anyone to book a stay there."

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