NJ Man Who Decapitated Mom Was Found Nude Laying on Top of Her Body: Police

Security footage showed him throwing his mother's head into the hallway of his apartment building; he began singing Jesus Loves Me while being taken into custody.

Police in Ocean City, New Jersey were met with a horrific scene after responding a murder call on Friday afternoon.

Jeffrey Surgent, 46, reportedly called 911 himself, saying he was bipolar and had just killed his mother. The victim, Alexandria M. Surgent, was 74.

According to NJ.com, when authorities arrived at his apartment, he was discovered lying naked and covered in blood on top of his mother’s headless body in the hallway, her head just a few feet away. He reportedly began screaming that he had killed her, saying he was sorry before singing “Jesus Loves Me.”

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Security footage from the building allegedly captured the suspect’s disturbing behavior before police arrived. Per police, the video showed the victim’s head first being tossed out of the apartment and into the hallway.

“A short time later, Jeffrey Surgent is seen peeking out from the apartment, then pulling his mother’s body into the hallway,” read the affidavit of probable cause. “He is nude and proceeds to lay on top of her until patrol arrives.”

A knife, which was allegedly used to remove the victim’s head, and cellphone were recovered from the scene. The victim was visiting her son when the murder occurred, her family told ABC 7 Chicago.

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Surgent has been charged with murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and  unlawful possession of a weapon; he’s being held at Cape May County Jail without bail.

The victim’s family launched a GoFundMe to help pay for her funeral.

“Our grandmother was murdered by our uncle, Jeffery Surgent. She lived with us and helped us with our day-to-day lives. Without her, we can’t afford rent or food and we cannot pay for her burial or cremation,” her grandson Chase wrote on the fundraiser.

Alexandria was also remembered by Chase as “the greatest grandmother in the world.”

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