Princess Anne and Margaret body language shows ‘contrast’: ‘Different behaviour & outlook’

Princess Anne ‘deeply respected’ says expert

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Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II and aunt of Princess Anne. Before her death in 2002, she was occasionally seen on royal outings with her niece.

Princess Anne has been a working royal since she was just 18-years-old and has attended countless royal events.

This has included a number of duties with Princess Margaret before she passed away, nearly 20 years ago.

Speaking to, body language expert Judi James suggested some may have expected the two women to be close.

Judi said: “For a young woman growing up in a family where duty and royal protocol were paramount, ‘naughty’ auntie Margaret, with her hedonistic, celebrity lifestyle could easily have been seen as a point of refuge and escape.”

Analysing their body language, however, the expert stated they seemed to have many differences.

“For Princess Anne though, this relationship looks more about the differences in both behaviour and outlook,” she continued.

“It is hard to the point of impossible to remember any moments when the two women showed any genuine bonding signals, but was this apparent frost the result of a clash between two royal divas or just a mis-match of personalities?”

Judi claimed both women verged on the line of being royal and celebrity which may have caused some competition.

While some aspects of their lives – including their style – was similar, the expert suggested their personalities were very different.

She continued: “Although Margaret was Anne’s aunt there was a period of time when the two women appeared to be rivals for the role of royal glamour-puss in the press.

“Both were featured in high-end fashion magazines and their profiles were equally celebrity-focused.

“As Anne grew older her air of haughtiness and daunting confidence did make her appear similar to Margaret in many ways and the mirrored outfits here, with the matching neutral court shoes and huge handbags and the duster coats and helmet hats could imply she was a chip off the old block.

“But their body language signals would define two very different personalities with the capacity to clash.”

While Princess Margaret seemed to lean more into her celebrity status, Princess Anne often looked more “intense”.

Judi said: “[In one picture] Margaret’s pose is pure celebrity, with the one bent knee, the hands clasped above the waist and the pushed out chin and dazzling smile.

“Anne, however, seems to have taken her body language inspiration from the military man she is staring at.

“Her arms and legs are straight and to attention, her chin is slightly pulled in, and her frown and dour expression suggest a more serious and intense approach.”

Any differences may have been highlighted as they grew older and Judi suggested this was obvious in their body language over the years.

She concluded: “As Anne grew up the contrast between these two women could only have grown wider.

“Anne embraced the life of a countrywoman and Olympian rider with an active distaste for all things glamorous or vain and Margaret retreated to her A-list celebrity style island life in Mustique.”

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