Simple hack to measure your correct bra size at home

This Morning's Holly: I must be wearing the WRONG bra size

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Finding the right bra size can be a confusing experience for many women, especially as measurements can often fluctuate frequently throughout a woman’s lifetime. Although many lingerie shops offer a professional bra measuring service, one TikTok user has shared a straightforward explanation of how bra sizing works and how you can measure yours at home in a matter of minutes.

The hack shared by Kirsten Titus, who posts under the username @pepperonimuffin, has been described by viewers as “the most helpful explanation” of how sizing works.

In the video, Kristen explains how people often question her bra size simply by looking at her, and she believes this can lead to women wearing bras which are too small for them.

She said: “It has come to my attention that many women wear bras that are too small so today I am going to show you guys how to measure it.”

All you need to measure your bra size is a fabric measuring tape. Kristen explained: “What you’re going to do is you’re going to take a piece of measuring tape and then you’re going to measure under your bust. It’s the thing right under your boob and squeeze it as tight as possible so you can get the right size.”


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While measuring, make sure the tape is going around in a steady, even line. Although Kirsten recommends squeezing, the tape should feel snug but not too tight.

Kirsten continued: “I’m not going to tell you my actual number but let’s just say that is says 30. Let’s say I was a 29.5 then you’re going to want to round up to 30.

“Then, for our chest, we’re going to measure the most voluptuous part of our boobs. Boom. You get that measurement and the same thing, just round up if you’re between sizes.

“So, let’s just say that’s a 34. I’m using the correct ratios so I can teach you guys how to measure your bra but I’m not giving you my actual sizes because I don’t like to share sizes. You’re going to use your bust measurement as the baseline. So if my bust is a 30 and my chest is a 30 then I’d be a 30AA.

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“If I am a 30 bust and a 31 chest then I would be a 30A. Bust 30, chest 32, size 30B. Bust 30, chest 33, size 30C. So for me, my chest is four inches larger than my bust therefore I am a D cup. So, don’t let anyone gaslight you into wearing a bra that is too small.”

The hack has been liked 2.2M times, shared 14K times and has attracted almost 7,000 comments with users applauding the explanation. Hannah Lee said: “Twenty-five years on this earth and this has been the most helpful explanation I’ve come across.”

Another user named Jessica Eaves added: “Thanks for teaching me how to measure to get the cup because I never knew that.”

The hack has even been given the nod of approval by professionals. User MC_Main said: “As a certified bra fit consultant, she is accurate.”

How to correctly measure your bra size at home – a step-by-step guide

Bra sizes are based on your band size, which is the number, and your cup size, which is the letter. These measurements are usually determined by using a soft, fabric tape measure which measures around your bust and just beneath.

Finding the right bra size is essential for comfit and adequate support. You can measure your bra size while wearing a bra.

Step one: Measure underneath your bust

To begin, take the tape measure and wrap it around the ribcage directly beneath your bust. Make sure the tape is in a straight line and is snug but not too tight. Round up to the nearest even number and this is your band size

Step two: Measure your bust

Next, measure direct across your bust, once again ensuring the tape is snug but not too tight and that it is in a straight band all the way around. This is best done directly across the centre of your bust. Bra fitting specialists from Macy’s recommend taking a deep breath in and out to ensure the tape isn’t too tight.

Round the number to the nearest whole number, for example, if the measurement falls on the half inch, round it up. To determine your cup size, first, subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement and refer to the cup size chart below.

Cup size conversation chart

  • Less than one inch = AA
  • One inch = A
  • Two inches = B
  • Three inches = C
  • Four inches = D
  • Five inches = DD/E
  • Six inches = DDD/F
  • Seven inches = G
  • Eight inches = H
  • Nine inches = I

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