Single mum pays for retirement by stripping for younger men – and they love it

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A woman is paying for her retirement by getting her kit off for younger lads.

Elaina St James was working in a low-paid office job where she earned around £26,000 a year.

She feared she would "never stop working" or end up a penniless pensioner – but now she's raking in so much cash she could actually retire several times over.

But after joining OnlyFans in April 2021, she shot to success and is now making $50,000 (£44,613) a month.

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The 55-year-old, from Illinois in the US, embraced her "mum bod" to sell sexy snaps on the adult subscription site.

She's keen to show the world that "women are still sexy over 40".

“OnlyFans is a godsend – I’m finally looking at having a comfortable retirement,” Elaina said.

“I was barely scraping by and thought I would be 75, and working at Starbucks with another job on the side.

“I was really penny-pinching before, comparing frozen pizzas that cost around $5 and always picking the cheapest option.

"People say that when you hit 40, you become invisible to men.

"I am proving them wrong. And my fans aren't just men in my own age bracket – most are 20- and 30-year-olds.

"My fans are overwhelmingly younger than me.

“I'm flattered and honestly amused that most of my fans are so young.

"When I have a fan write to me that they are 45 I tell them they are a bit old for my page!

“Most of them probably don't want to date someone my age, but I provide a safe and fun outlet for their older women fantasies.

"I don't care about what people think about my lifestyle, I have no shame about it.

“I restarted my life at 54 after a lifetime of regular jobs and being a single mum with no support.

"As long as my son is happy, so am I."

The job hasn't come without its backlash, but the mother feels this just comes with the territory.

She said: “My family doesn't talk about what I do at all and I have lost friends over my new career for sure.

“Online trolls can be very mean in regards to my age and having a mom body, as opposed to a perfect six pack and a big set of implants.

“But the positives far outweigh the negatives.

"Being positive about ageing is part of my message – attitude is everything."

Elaina, who believes she is the most successful content creator over the age of 55 on OnlyFans, also confessed that young lads love her look.

She said: “My brand is ‘big boobs and a smile’.

"It’s a safe space for men to fantasise and get to intimately know an older woman.

“I never thought it would take off like this as I don’t have the typical model body, I don’t look perfect – but men love it.

“I’m very real and they like that I have a lot of personality and a normal woman’s body.

"I’ve noticed that younger men in particular want to connect with someone authentic."

The new career has also enabled Elaina to spend more time with her teenage son, who has not been named for privacy reasons, and will also help to fund his education including future university courses.

She said: “I make more money than ever before but can be flexible with what times I work, so I get to spend more time with him.

"My mum is 84 so I can take care of her too.

“I never wanted to be a burden to my son and now I can look forward to my retirement.

“I can see myself doing this for another 5-10 years. I’m fit and healthy and can keep going.

“I’ll do it until I have so much money I don’t need to anymore, maybe when I’m 65, we’ll see what happens.

“Hopefully I won’t still be doing OnlyFans at 70 – that would be my cap!”

Elaina has also written a book about her success called "How to Date Hot Older Women", which is available on Amazon and self-narrated on Audible.

The mum said the book is a response to younger men asking her “constant” relationship questions.


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