Streamline your home with these mum-approved home organisation buys

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We’re all looking for ways to make our everyday routines simpler, but tips that come from minimalist organisational gurus don’t always work in the real world.

Whether you have kids, pets, or a busy schedule, home hacks need to suit your lifestyle – otherwise, you’re unlikely to adopt techniques long-term.

Natasha Swingler’s house is certainly immaculate, but the mum’s recommendations for tidying, folding, and tidying are made for the real world.

Alongside tutorials on how to make healthy lunches for little ones and how to wrap gifts perfectly, Natasha – who posts as Effective Spaces online – recently shared a TikTok of her favourite home buys.

Based on items she’s bought and uses on a regular basis, the creator showed the homeware staples that make her life easier.

From a remote control station to a less messy way to store your oven trays, there are all sorts of finds, with everything available on Amazon for a bargain price.

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By investing in pieces that make tidying and cleaning up less stressful, you’ll save time in future.

Plus, you may even save money on replacing lost, broken, or spoiled items, now they’ll have a designated place to be stored.

Ready to get organising? Here are Natasha’s top home buys that’ll streamline your day-to-day.

Remote control holder

Natasha says she bought this remote control caddy ‘literally because I lost them on a daily basis’.

Save yourself from rummaging down the couch cushions with a discreet holder like hers, which can be wall-mounted or left freestanding.

Buy for £13.99 at Amazon.

Shower storage

Unstable, bulky, or outdated shower storage can make any bathroom look messy, not to mention cause a nuisance during your precious washing time.

Natasha calls her caddy of choice ‘really simple,’ adding that it’s ‘Nothing fancy, but does exactly as it’s supposed to.’

With clean lines and a renter-friendly adhesive hook, it’s a great way to give your bathroom an upgrade without spending lots.

Buy for £16.99 (was £18.99) at Amazon.

Shower squeegee

Keeping a squeegee in the shower is a tip we see a lot from home and cleaning influencers, and Natasha says she adopted the practice ‘to save a little bit of time’.

Particularly if you live in an area with hard water, it’s best to get rid of droplets before they dry out and leave limescale deposits – ‘future you’ will thank ‘current you’.

Buy for £12.90 at Amazon.

Expandable drawer dividers

As an organisation guru, Natasha joked in her video that ‘of course’ she’d have expandable drawer dividers.

These nifty gadgets can transform underwear and sock drawers, making the well-known ‘junk drawer’ less of a terrifying prospect.

Pull out to fit your drawer, then get compartmentalising.

Buy for £18.99 at Amazon.

Collapsible laundry basket

‘I’ve had this for two years and it’s brilliant for small spaces,’ said Natasha in her TikTok.

The basket is made with silicone so it can fold down when you’re done with washing, and it can also be used as an ice bucket, pet bath, or toy storage.

Buy for £14.76 at Amazon.

Drawstring toy storage and play mat

Going from a play mat to a stylish toybox, Natasha calls this product ‘a gamechanger.’

Lay out the mat and place the toys on top, then when your little one has finished, pull up the drawstring to tidy up almost instantly.

The inner bag can also be removed from the outer basket if you’d prefer, effectively meaning you’ve got two storage options.

Buy for £15.36 at Amazon.

Expandable oven tray holder

‘Once again, it’s really about making things easy to access and quick,’ Natasha says, explaining her purchase of an expandable oven tray holder to get cupboards in order.

These racks can be used to store plates and trays vertically, allowing for at-a-glance access, or inside pots and bowls to stack and display other crockery safely.

Buy for £9.99 at Amazon.

Stackable perspex drawers

Natasha uses these in both her bathroom and kitchen, with different sized options for things like dishwasher tablets, accessories, and toiletries.

There are plenty of options to choose from, but clear perspex is best if you want to be able to see what’s inside – labels are also worth a go, too.

Buy for £29.99 at Amazon.

Spray mop

Natasha, who mops daily, said: ‘I wanted something really lightweight and really simple. I absolutely love this.’

The mop she uses has a refillable tank (so you don’t need to use a specific brand of cleaner) and allows you to spray as you go.

The microfibre pads are also washable, and the head rotates so you can clean all those nooks and crannies without hassle.

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