Tattoo artists look unrecognisable in pictures taken before extreme ink

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It’s rare to find a tattoo artist who isn’t themselves covered in ink – and the men and women in this story are no exception.

Although their extreme body art makes them stand out, the tattoo fanatics have shared what they looked like before their eye-popping makeovers.

From a tattooer who inked almost his entire body in five years to a body modification addict who changed her appearance after being bullied – here are the most dramatic transformations.

Tristan Weigelt

Tristan Weigelt is an American man who splashed out £40,000 getting 95% of his body inked in five years.

And now he spends his days as a tattoo apprentice in Copenhagen helping others with their dream designs.

And Tristan, 25, demonstrated his jaw-dropping transformation after sharing old photos with Daily Star.

Afterwards he said: “It’s kind of weird looking at myself without all the tattoos.

"But funnily enough I still feel exactly the same as before on the inside.”

He got his first one aged 20 before he started on his face two years ago – and now the only clear areas are his palms, private parts and the bottom of his feet and ears.

Mara Inkperial

Stunning German influencer Mara Inkperial is one of the most recognisable tattooists in the world – boasting 790,000 Instagram followers.

And earlier this year she treated her fans to a snapshot of what she would look like without her famous designs.

Mara – who has calligraphy on her forehead, an entire chest piece and blackout ink on her legs – used thick Democal foundation to conceal her chest and face tatts.

After sharing the post, one gushing reply read: “Both are hot but I love inked women.”

Another responder said: “Gotta say… so used to looking at you with them that it’s weird to see you without them.

"I think you look amazing either way – but I’m firmly in the ‘with’ camp.”

A third wrote: “You look amazing either way but I love your ink work.”

Bianca Ferro

Tattoo enthusiast Bianca Ferro is on a mission to have the “world’s biggest earlobes”.

The 26-year-old tattoo artist has colourful tattoos on her chest, arms and face.

Sharing contrasting snaps on Instagram, the tattoo artist said: “10-year challenge. What a time to be alive.”

One fan replied: “The before and after show how excellent body art choices can be transformational. Absolutely beautiful.”

Bianca, from New Jersey, used to be insecure about her appearance after being bullied in school.

She told Daily Star earlier this year: “I was bullied really severely when I was younger for being chubby, weird and not being able to afford all the expensive clothes that everyone else wore.

“Even when I did try and fit in they still bullied me. That made me realise that if you’re going to be bullied either way, you might as well just do what you want to do.”

Bianca added: “Now that I’m in the tattoo industry, the real life rudeness has almost disappeared entirely. I think people expect me to look the way I do sitting in a tattoo shop.”

Tay Ashby

Tay Ashby was taken to get his first tattoo aged 16 by his father who hoped the experience would put him off getting any more.

Ironically, Tay now has 80% of his body inked and he is employed as a tattooist at Dead Mind Tattoos in Melbourne.

The 30-year-old recently shared photos demonstrating how he looked as a fresh-faced teenager.

Afterwards he told Daily Star: “When I look at all my old photos from before I was so heavily tattooed I don’t see myself.

“I am so much more myself and I feel more in my own skin since becoming so heavily tattooed. This is me.”

He also revealed that he hoped to soon get his eyeballs inked.

Henry Rodriguez

Rather than looking like your typical tattoo artist, Henry Rodriquez has chopped off his nose and got horns inserted to his head so he can pay homage to Marvel villain Red Skull.

The Venezuelan father, 42, has also forked out £30,000 on his body modifications.

Explaining why, he said: “Since I was a child, I've always liked what was different, extrovert and I am a comic fanatic and I love the Marvel Universe.

“For that reason, I decided to be who I am now and I feel good with myself. That's the most important thing.

“I wanted to turn myself into this amazing comic character who I've really admired since I was little.”

Red Skull is a Nazi supervillan who first appeared in the Captain America comics before actor Hugo Weaving played the character in the Marvel films.

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