Tesco girl turned racy model fumes as ‘family friend’ leaks sexy pix in hometown

A betrayed OnlyFans model has slammed a “family friend” who leaked her raunchy pictures throughout her hometown.

Yasmin Baker quipped that the malicious spreader was now on a “hitlist” of her loved ones.

The stunning brunette was working in Tesco before she turned to the saucy subscription site full-time where she earned £70,000 a month during the pandemic.

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The 28-year-old, from Norfolk, has since moved to Panama but her success has had implications.

Last week she tweeted: “As if someone I once considered a friend as well as a family friend subscribed to my OnlyFans and thought it would be great to show my videos to all the people who know me in my home town…. How low do you have to be? Also, if you follow me on here, Then f**k you.”

She quickly followed up with: “Like what did you gain from that? Think it would turn people against me? Quite frankly you’re now on my families hit list.”

Yasmin’s allegation against the now former pal is a breach of the OnlyFans terms of service.

The company states: “Respect the intellectual property rights of Creators, including by not recording, reproducing, sharing, communicating to the public or otherwise distributing their Content without authorisation.”

Yasmin previously gave an exclusive interview to Daily Star where she revealed Tesco colleagues made her feel ashamed of her sizzling snaps – making her pack it in.

At the time she had quit her hospital admin job so she could make content in the day while working in the supermarket at night.

But she said: “I decided I was going to keep my four evenings at Tesco just as a little stable income but then my coworkers found out.

“They started spreading pictures round, huddling in circles and whispering about me while staring.

“It was crazy considering these were grown adults. It was at that time I decided to quit that and take the risk of putting my whole life into OnlyFans.”

Yasmin initially joined OnlyFans to pay off debts left behind by her ex-boyfriend.

Her family has supported her venture and she now earns up to £25,000 a month after making fortunes during the pandemic.

But the leaks are just one of the downsides.

She explained: “We all know the stigma about sex work. It’s highly frowned upon. Even though I’m doing what everyone else does behind closed doors, I just made it public.

“But actually my family were so fine with it. I worried for nothing.

“Unfortunately I lost friends over it. I had a good friend who just cut contact with me one day.

“No warning, nothing. It really hurt when I was there to support her through everything good and bad.”

Yasmin also told Daily Star that her wealth has bought her one thing that makes it all worth it – happiness.

She said: “I definitely think It can buy happiness. Anything I want, I can buy.

“What makes me happy is seeing my family happy. And having money lets me help them in any way I can.

“I’ve moved to Panama. I have my beautiful dog with me and I'm going to give him a good life. Every time I go out I bring him a new toy home. It makes him happy, which makes me happy!

“My old life was terrible all because of money problems. I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

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Yasmin added: “I wasn’t even remotely happy before OnlyFans. My life was a struggle. I was depressed.

“I hated waking up to a new day of struggles. Now I have less struggles.

“Life isn’t perfect, my health is actually suffering a bit now but I would not want to go back to my old life.”


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