This ‘game-changing’ concealer is custom-made using AI to match your exact skin tone

Have you ever splurged and ordered a concealer or a foundation online only to find it's the wrong shade for your skin tone when it arrives? It happens to the best of us, but future-thinking brand Dcypher is putting a stop to hit-or-miss make-up matching with its brand new concealer.

The Custom Concealer, £32 here, launched this week to plenty of industry excitement thanks to the clever AI tech that went into its creation. When you order a tube of this concealer, it gets custom-produced to replicate your exact skin tone using that AI tech, so you know that what arrives in the post won't be disappointing. So far, the brand has created over 15,000 unique shades for its customers, so the results really are tailor-made for you.

If you're wondering how this artificial technology works, quick skin scans – done when you're ordering online via the brand's website –capture the depth, intensity and undertone of your skin, and then formulate the ideal pigment and ingredient profile tailored to your specific needs. The whole process takes just seconds, and you can save your colour profile to easily order again in the future.

Plus, along with the colour-matching technology, the concealer also has a skincare-inspired formula infused with hyaluronic acid and plant-based glycerin to make sure your complexion looks and feels healthy while you're wearing it. What's not to love?

The only downside is the price tag. Yes, £32 is a lot for a concealer, but if you think about it as the best shade match of your life – and one that ultimately saves you money on wasted buys that aren't quite right for you – the cost becomes less of a sting.

If you love the sound of this, you can also use this same tech to choose your perfect foundation shade with the Custom Foundation, £42 here. This has the added bonus of a customisable finish, so you can pick your ideal coverage type as well as your custom shade.

Although these two products use a unique type of AI to match skin tones, there are a few other brands on the market currently jumping on the AI bandwagon. YSL's Makeup Stylist, for example, analyses your features to give you a personalised make-up look, and L’Oréal has just partnered with neurotechnology company Emotiv to create a scent choice 'experience'.

Is the future of beauty in tech? It looks that way!

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