Want to see some chihuahuas compete in a fancy dress pageant? Of course you do

A beach-themed fancy dress competition for chihuahuas has taken place in Milton Keynes this week, with hopeful winners dressed in everything from inflatable rings to mermaid tails.

The Tiny Toy Pool Party also saw entrants wearing lifeguard costumes, ballgowns, and Hawaiian shirts in a bid to take home the top prizes.

One tiny pup had an ensemble that included a tiny pirate ship complete with treasure map, while others donned inflatable rings to give off those key beach party vibes.

Ultimately, the first place prize went to Rosie, who was dressed as a mermaid.

Fendie, who represented the sea in a blue gown, came in second, and Minnie, who came as a clown fish, took third place.

Kerry Brooks, 37, who regularly plans events like this one under the Chihuahua Town name, said: ‘I just love how into it everyone gets.

‘The fancy dress outfits are spectacular, and dogs are practising at home getting ready for the big day.

‘From my perspective, it’s really flattering that people go to so much effort for an event that I have organised, it’s just a wonderful happy thing.’

The dogs certainly had their own fair share of fun, with canine ice cream to snack on as well as a cheese run event.

Photographer Sue Thatcher, who took these incredible images of the dogs strutting their stuff, said: ‘I went along and saw how much fun all the dogs were having.

‘It was a really great day and the dogs looked fabulous.

‘It’s such a silly, fun day out that everyone enjoys.’

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