We've won £333k after buying £3 lotto tickets every time we went to the pub… now we have sleepless nights | The Sun

FOUR women who won £333,333 after buying £3 lotto tickets every time they went to the pub now have sleepless nights.

Karen Baylis, Julie Towse, Ann Swallow and Julie Boocock, bagged the life changing cash in the lottery's Millionaire Street prize.

They decided five years ago to chip in £3 a month each while enjoying a tipple at their local boozer.

Karen, 76, who signed up for the ticket, and partner Julie, 65, now plan on upgrading a holiday to Australia next July.

The couple are taking Julie's sister Alison Howson, 57, to see her daughter Gemma Tilse, 31 – who is expecting her second child in January – at her home two hours from Sydney.

And they have also vowed to help out their two nieces.

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But Julie, who is a retired prison officer, revealed she had a "sleepless night".

She said: "I'll be telling my sister this afternoon. We have nothing to worry about now.

"My sister is going home after three weeks, but Karen and I are staying on and hiring a car to drive up the coast to Brisbane and we'll fly home from there."

She added: "This hasn't sunk in yet. I've had a sleepless night over it."

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Karen said: "We decided to have one ticket between us and see what we got. I never, ever imagined anything like this. I might have to start singing. It is just amazing."

Pals Ann and Julie Boocock, 65, live directly opposite in adjoining semi bungalows.

Widow Ann Swallow, 76, broke down as she told how she'll treat her son and two grandsons.

The retired market trader said: "We're all good friends here. There isn't another street like ours. It's brilliant to win with three friends, we're all in it together.

"I thought it might be £30,000 between us. Even £250 each would have been nice.

"You never think of this. You see it on the TV and wish it would happen to you, but when it does you get very emotional."

She added: "I've got two grandchildren and one is starting university, so I'll be able to help them."

It comes after an OAP secured £333,000 on the Postcode Lottery but was told she would only take home a third because of an age-old pact.

And in Birmingham, a great gran-of-five bagged £111,111 as part of a £1m win amongst her and eight neighbours.

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