Why heated sex toys should be in your winter self-love kit

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When Martin Lewis said ‘heat the human not the home’, we’re not entirely sure this is what he meant – but we’re certainly into the hottest new sex toy trend.

This isn’t actually our first rodeo with ‘heat play’ sex toys: glass and metal sex toys are designed to be dipped in water of different temperatures and then used for warming and cooling sensations, however the latest toys on the market go one step further.

We’re reclaiming winter as heated sex toy season. After all, they’re certainly a lot more fun than an electric blanket or a hot water bottle and are cheaper than sticking the heating on. Cost of living crisis who?

The Satisfyer Hot Lover and Satisfyer Heat Wave both heat up to 39C, promising ‘a greater sense of pleasure and an increased ability to orgasm, but also a realistic, body-like experience.’

Each toy’s motor and heating function can be controlled independently of one another, so even if you don’t fancy cranking up the heat, you can still use the vibrator element of it. Both offer clitoral and internal stimulation and they have 12 preset vibration programs.

Impressively, you can use the free Satisfyer Connect app, available for Android and Apple iOS, to customise the toy according to your needs and make your own programs – or even have it sync up to music on your phone (*Googles fastest song ever made*).

Satisfyer sent me both of these heated sex toys to try out – and I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical and expecting either a underwhelming (and under-warming) experience or to find myself rushed to A&E’s burn unit.

Yet, my lukewarm expectations were far from the truth.

First thing’s first, the vibration on these toys is no joke, and thankfully they have a ‘whisper’ mode via the app otherwise your neighbours might think you’re using a pneumatic drill.

Although Satisfyer says the heated element of the toys offers a ‘body-like experience’, I hate to break it to you, it still feels like a toy – but a good one at that.

While it does take a bit of time for the toy to reach maximum heat (to the point I debated going and reboiling the kettle for a cup of tea but thought better of failing our lord and saviour Martin Lewis), it’s worth it when it does.

The heat can be quite intense if it’s something you’re not used to, it’s worth holding it against other parts of your body before going straight for the money. I held it in my hand until it reached it full temperature so I knew what to expect as it heated up… elsewhere.

Using the toy with or without the heat setting on had a major difference – without and it was just a regular, powerful vibrator, but with it turned on, it was something completely different and delivered exactly what Satisfyer promised.

As the nights draw in and temperatures plummet, you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever settled for cold silicone before.

Buy the Satisfyer Hot Lover Connect for £67.95 here.

Buy the Satisfyer Heat Wave Connect for £58.95 here

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