Woman gets arrows tattooed to both ears in adorable tribute to pet dog

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    A devoted pet owner left her TikTok followers in tears after she shared the sweet meaning behind the arrows she has tattooed on her ears.

    Anna, who posts on the app as @garbage.bird, made a video showing that she had a small black arrow in either ear – with one pointing up and another pointing down.

    "Why did you get those lines tattooed on your ears? And why don't the ears match?" reads the onscreen text at the beginning of the video, which also features photos of both sides of Anna's face.

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    But then she shows a picture of her pitbull Storm, writing: "Because hers didn't match."

    She explained that her beloved pet had died in her arms and the touching tribute helped bring her some comfort following the loss.

    Concluding the clip, which has gained more than 5.8million likes, she said: "And now part of her is with me forever, even though she's gone. Love you forever, Storm."

    In the caption, she added: "One ear up. Forever."

    Sharing further insight in a comment, Anna adds: "Storm passed in my arms on Oct 12 after a tough fight with cancer. She was truly loved by all who met her."

    The video went viral, amassing over five million likes and thousands of comments from well-wishers, who hoped to share their condolences with Anna, report the Mirror.

    One response read: "So sad but so sweet at the same time. I am so sorry for your loss."

    Another wrote: "What a sweet tribute to your soul dog."

    A third added: "This is so beautiful."

    Several commenters also revealed Anna's video reduced them to tears, as one user wrote: "I’m sobbing. she’s watching over you always."

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    "I’m not crying, you’re crying," commented a second.

    Meanwhile, a different person replied: "This just wrecked me. Sending you all the love and light."


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