Woman reveals 'crazy' thing on her fiance's phone that shocked her

I found a CRAZY text message on my fiancé’s phone – it completely changed the way I feel about our relationship

  • Courtney, 29, was shocked by an old message she found on her fiancés phone
  • He asked his ex to reimburse him for  a ticket – which he’s never done to her
  • She says it speaks volumes about how much he values their relationship 

An engaged woman has sparked a heated discussion about relationships after posting a TikTok video in which she revealed a ‘crazy’ text that her fiancé sent his ex – while insisting that he would never do the same to her.

In her TikTok clip, user Daniela explained that, about two years ago, she damaged her phone, so her fiancé Tyler give her his to use.

Daniela, 29, soon discovered that some of his old messages were still on the phone, which led her to find an old conversation between Tyler and a former girlfriend that ‘really shocked’ her.

‘Because we’re two days away from our wedding, I had to ask a vendor for a reimbursement,’ she explained in the video. ‘But I couldn’t remember the amount it was for, so I went to my text messages and typed in “reimbursement”.

An engaged woman has sparked a heated discussion about relationships after posting a TikTok video in which she revealed a ‘crazy’ text that her fiancé sent his ex 

She was in shock over the message, claiming it’s nothing like the man she’s engaged to

It was there, as she was searching for the reimbursement amount, she saw a message that really stood out because it ‘just didn’t make sense’ to her.

‘It was a message from my fiancé to his ex back when they were dating, from Valentines Day,’ she explained.

Her fiancé, she retold dramatically, had sent a message to his ex asking her if she could pay him back for half of their Valentines Day plans – which she says is he has never asked her to do in the entirety of their four-year-long relationship.

‘He planned a date and asked for a $35 reimbursement,’ she said incredulously. 

Daniela was so perturbed by the message she declared if someone she was dating had asked her something like that, she would have dropped them immediately. 

‘[If someone sent me this] I would have been like bye, see you never,’ she said.

According to Daniela, Tyler pays for a large portion – if not all – of her lifestyle, and she was in disbelief he would have asked previous partners to split the cost of things.

‘This man, who has gotten me a designer wedding dress, this man who has taken me everywhere, to the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to, the best hotels, who pays all the bills and has paid for all of the wedding and honeymoon and planned it and I have never once heard him ask me for money,’ she ranted, saying it sounds nothing like the man she’s engaged to.

‘Like gun to my head,  if you had shown me this message out of context and said your fiancé wrote this I would have been like there’s no way,’ she swore.

Courtney and her now-husband Tyler (pictured) have been together for four years- and she says in the time, he hasn’t asked her to pay for anything 

She lashed out against comments accusing her of trying to make herself feel better by private posting  texts between her now-husband and his ex

She said the difference between how Tyler (pictured) treats her compared to his ex speaks volumes about their relationship

Commenters weren’t sure about her decision to post the ,message on TikTok – particularly as it was the week of her wedding 

According to Daniela, the stark difference between messages and how she and Tyler’s ex were treated is proof that a man will act the right way when he finds someone he wants to commit to. 

‘This just goes to show how all the relationship gurus are right,’ she claimed. ‘A man can be so different when he finds the partner he wants to spend the rest of his life with.’

 Daniela’s strong take on relationships – and the monetary split – divided TikTok users, many of whom accused her of being snarky and insecure.

‘So instead of giving you the “Ick”, it gave you an ego boost? I mean I guess? What do you really want us to take from this ,’ one questioned.

‘This is not a flex,’ another wrote adamantly. ‘Find someone who treats everyone with kindness and respect, not just those that he deems worthy of it.’

‘Cringe that you’re putting her on blast and bolstering what he does for you (veiled as advice for women). You’re hoping she sees this.,’ added another.

Some users agreed with her tough take.

‘We all experience different versions of that person!’ a TikToker said.

‘So true bc if he wanted to he would,’ agreed another.

‘What if he wasn’t in a great financial position then and even $35 was a stretch? I hope you’d stay if he lost everything,’ one user commented.

 ‘He wasn’t in a great financial position when we started dating and he did everything for me!’ Daniela replied. ‘Being a provider and being rich are different.’

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